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CARE International Indonesia (CII), as an international NGO, has carried out large scale operations in Indonesia, encompassing emergency operations, transitional activities centered on agriculture and nutrition and a range of development initiatives in such areas as water and sanitation, health and enterprise &economic development.
CARE International Indonesia in Makassar (South Sulawesi) is currently recruiting the following position for its project:



Entrepreneurship considered as the one solution that could be driving a nation into a better country. Currently Indonesia is lack of young entrepreneur compare to neighboring country. Promoting entrepreneurship among youths is an important way to respond to the prevailing oversupply of youth entering the Indonesian labor market. However, the full potential of young entrepreneurs in Indonesia is not yet being utilized. Whereas many young women and men are forced into self-employment to make ends meet, few of them manage to build sustainable businesses and enter the formal economy. The environment in Indonesia is better than few years ago though they are still young and lack of capital, they can cover it by seek an investment and mentorship program. Investing in young people means investing in the future. Young people are resources that are highly competent in facing global competition through their creativity and innovation.

CARE International Indonesia’s (CII) country strategy includes a focus on youth and women in urban settings and the chance to implement the young women entrepreneurship program in Sulawesi is an excellent match with CARE’s vision and mission. CARE will be targeting young women of urban slum in Makassar city ages 18- 30 years. Young women have the power to make a very strong impact in their communities in Makassar if they are empowered through training and workshops to be economically resilient and independent and confident to operate their own micro/small businesses. Youth are the future of Indonesia, and it is crucial to invest in their development, especially in young women, so they can contribute to Indonesia’s continued economic development and the resilience of themselves and their families.

The Bintang Muda project will support the government’s focus to stimulate local development by supporting girls and young women to develop, or enhance micro or small businesses thereby supporting community development. On of the project outcome is Resources and Coaching Centre (RCC). The RCC will serve as a drop in coaching and mentoring center for participants focusing on start up businesses and/or the scaling up of existing businesses. The RCC will operate out of the Makassar office one day a week. In addition, order to be in an area of convenience once a month another suitable location will be rented for the day. Coaching and mentoring will be provided for interested SIAP participants. Coaching and mentoring of SIAGA participants will focus on business identification or identification of potential for scale up of existing businesses, in order to improve production efficiency, quality, and access to markets including those that function online. Disaster preparedness will also be promoted.

As the Internet has grown in popularity, so too has online marketing. Online marketing, also known as Internet or digital marketing, involves using the Internet to promote a business. The goal of online marketing is to spread awareness about a business and its products or services via the Internet.

Bintang Muda Project will support Young Entrepreneurs to improve their business by using online marketing strategy.


• The consultant shall develop or refine Online Marketing module and materials to be used for training.
• The consultant will work under the overall supervision of the CARE Regional Program Manager (RPM) based in Makassar.

Scope of Work

The scope of work of the consultant is as follows:

• Develop or refine module of Online Marketing.
• In cooperation with CARE project staff, organize and facilitate Young Women training aim to motivate and promote young entrepreneurship in a global market era.

• Online Marketing Training module developed/refined.
• Online Marketing Training delivered
• Report of Young Women training.


The consultant(s) will have:
• Demonstrable experience designing and delivering online marketing training module to youth audiences.
• Experience of interactive and innovative Online Marketing training approaches engaging young people.
• Experience working on/supporting youth entrepreneurship programs.
• Excellent knowledge of current trends, opportunities and challenges in relation to youth entrepreneurship in Indonesia focus in Makassar areas.


Interested parties must submit the following documentation:
• Comprehensive curriculum vitae of team members involve in the activities.
• A detailed implementation plan/technical proposal in accordance with the scope of work, expected outputs and deliverables provided for herein.
• Financial Proposal.

Please submit before December 15, 2015 to CARE International Indonesia, Human Resources Unit:
[email protected]

“Only qualified applicants will be shortlisted”

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