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FAO Indonesia is currently seeking for a National Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant.
Please find below the details:

National Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant

Background and context

FAO’s new strategic framework includes five Strategic Objectives (SOs), which are supported by 17 Organizational Outcomes (OOs). A set of indicators were defined for each OO under the scope of FAO’s Medium Term Plan 2014-2017. With the help of these indicators, a corporate monitoring and reporting process is planned to be implemented every two years, in order to assess the changes in OO levels. As an initial step of the assessment, the Corporate Baseline Assessment (CBA) was implemented through baseline surveys during February-March 2014 in 40 sampled countries and expanded to 40 additional countries during August-September 2014. Therefore, the CBA provides a reference point against which to measure progress at the end of 2015 and 2017. The first follow-up survey at the end of 2015 after the baseline survey will be the main statistical instrument for the Corporate Outcome Assessment (COA). The COA is targeted to capture the changes at outcomes level (against baseline) with additional questions on FAO’s perceived contribution to the changes and the use of statistics for evidence-based policy making processes.
In each sample country, the respondents include experts from Government, UN agencies, international donors and IFIs, research institutions/academia, civil society and private sector. The survey will be conducted through a facilitated half day event at country level, where the survey will be introduced, the questionnaire presented with explanation and each respondent will be asked to individually complete relevant sections during the event. The national consultant will provide support to the respondents to fill in the questionnaires correctly and completely. Following the event, additional time (up to one week) will be allocated at country level for any follow-up needed (i.e. respondents’ requests for consolidation for more information through their colleagues/supervisor/institute) and for sending the completed –scanned- questionnaires to HQ. Once the questionnaires are submitted, they will be processed at headquarters level. The national consultant will support the organization and facilitation of the data collection event, as well as any follow up actions.

Main tasks

Under the direct supervision of the FAO Representative in the country, the technical guidance of the Senior Statistician in the Regional Office (everything related to the questionnaires), and the collaboration of the RBM focal point in the Regional Office (mainly for organizational purposes for reaching the stakeholders) the consultant will undertake the following tasks:

• Before the data collection event [3 days approx]
– Reads the survey coordinator manual and the questionnaires (will be supplied before the event) carefully and discusses it with the Senior Statistician in case of any clarification needed
– Participates in pre-survey training, as needed
– Supports FAOR in confirming with invited respondents (by phone, e-mail or other preferred means of communication) on their participation to the event

• During the data collection event [1 day]
– Facilitates the event according to protocols previously agreed with the FAOR and ESS/OSP team
– Prepares a complete list of attendants with their contact details and organization names
– Introduces the survey and presents the questionnaires to respondents (PPP will be provided by HQ), ensuring full engagement of all participants
– Distributes the relevant sections of the questionnaire to each respondent
– Provides technical guidance to respondents on the questionnaire, as required
– Ensures that all questionnaires are completely filled in
– Ensures quality control, in terms of readability of the answers, especially for open-ended questions and comments in case of bad handwriting
– Ensures that all questionnaires have been handed in (physical counting of the questionnaires to confirm with the number of attendants) and reports the missing ones for further follow-up
– Ensures that collected questionnaires are kept secure.

• After the data collection event [8 days approx]
– Ensures timely follow-up for the completion of missing sections/questionnaires (by email, telephone, skype or in person) . Compiles the list of participants with the email address and organization names written on the 1st page of the questionnaires
– Transcribes open-ended questions (including comments) of the questionnaire in English and translates them if necessary(template will be made available by HQ)
– Scans the questionnaires (eliminating the front page first) and uploads them to the FTP file (instructions will be provided by HQ); leaving original copies of the questionnaires with the FAOR
– Submits a final report (including: i) lessons learned ii) problems faced iii) list of participants iv)list of actual respondents) and sends the report to FAO HQ via email.

Minimum requirements
• University degree in agricultural economics, rural development, social sciences, statistics or related field;
• Seven years of relevant experience in the development of the food and agriculture sector, including experience in data collection/survey work
• Good working knowledge of English and Indonesian
• Strong knowledge of the national context and key relevant stakeholders in the country
• Demonstrated experience in managing and facilitating multi-stakeholder events (e.g. seminars, information and training events, etc.)

Expected Outputs

• Completed questionnaires (at least 95% are completed) scanned and uploaded to the FTP folder (originals remain with FAOR) by 4th December 2015
• Report on tasks performed and main lessons learned by 23rd December 2015

Duty station: Jakarta, Indonesia

Duration: 16th November 2015- 31st January 2015 (15 working days)

Interested candidates should submit a CV and a covering letter clearly stating their relevant skills, experience, vacancy and reference code by e-mail to:
E-mail: [email protected]
Submission DEADLINE: 12th November 2015
FAO regrets to inform applicants that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Thanks and Regards,

Fenny Nasution

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