FAO Vacancy – Regional Project of Project GCP/RAS/289/GFF – Enabling transboundary cooperation for sustainable management of the Indonesian Seas

  Food and Agriculture Organization is currently looking for a Regional Project Coordinator to support the implementation of the Project GCP/RAS/289/GFF –  Enabling
transboundary cooperation for sustainable management of the Indonesian Seas-. Please refer to the below Term of Reference for the post for your reference. 
                                                                                Regional Project
Role: The Regional
Project Coordinator (RPC) will assume general oversight and management
responsibilities for the implementation of the ISLME Project, and also act as
the Chief Technical Advisor for the project. 
Specifically, he/she will:

  • Implement the project in accordance with the
    approved Project Document and the results-based Annual Work Plan and Budget
    (AWP/B), and in compliance with FAO procedures and GEF requirements;
  • Establish an M&E system to monitor project
    progress and impact;
  • Coordinate line agencies and other partners
    to work closely and implement ISLME project in accordance with approved work
  • Be responsible for preparation and submission
    of the project’s periodic reporting (financial and technical), including 1)
    drafting of AWP/Bs and six-monthly project progress reports in a timely manner
    for review and clearance by the LTO, and BH, prior to their submission to the
    PSC and the GEF Coordination Unit, respectively; 2) preparation of GEF quarterly
    project progress reports; 3) contributions to annual Project Implementation
    Reports (PIRs); as well as any other reports requested by the Executing Agency
    and UNDP;
  • Monitor the expenditures, commitments and
    balance of funds under the project budget lines, and draft project budget
  • Supervise the Administrative / Finance
  • Liaise closely with the National Coordinators
    and provide technical support to them as needed;
  • Review and approve draft request for
    proposals and bidding documents, terms of reference and performance contracts
    for consultants hired under the responsibility of the RCU;
  • Supervise and evaluate the performance of the
    consultancies that shall be retained for specific activities under the
    responsibility of the RCU;
  • Organize PSC meetings, act as
    Secretary to the PSC, and prepare reports of PSC meetings and circulate these
    documents to all PSC members;
  • Represent the project in relevant meetings
    and conferences relevant to the achievement of the Project’s objectives;
  • Establish working relations with appropriate
    national and regional agencies and groups in participating countries to ensure
    effective implementation of ISLME supported activities, and ensure adequate
    information flow, discussions and feedback among the various stakeholders of
    the project;
  • Liaise with project partners to ensure their
    co-financing contributions are provided within the agreed terms;
  • Disseminate project information and best

Requisites: The Regional
Project Coordinator must have the following skills/qualifications:

  • A post-graduate degree in environmental or
    fisheries management or natural sciences;
  • At least 12 years professional experience in
    the marine sector, with demonstrated work experience in the technical aspects
    of marine ecosystems and sustainable living resources management;
  • Solid and demonstrated understanding of the
    technical aspects of the field of fisheries and/or the marine environment;
  • Proven capacity to work with and establish
    working relationships with medium to high-level government and non-government
  • Proven capacity as a team leader;
  • Experience in working in the ISLME region and
    knowledge of relevant regional institutions;
  • Experience in working with international
  • Experience in managing multi-donor projects;
  • Experience in preparing project technical and
    financial reports for international donors;
  • Excellent oral and written communication
    skills in English.

Duration and
: The Regional Coordinator will be
contracted for a probationary period of one year subsequent to which the
contract would be extended for an additional three years assuming satisfactory
Duty Station: Bali, Indonesia
(to be confirmed)
How to Apply :*
Please submit your application Letter and CV in English
* Submit to : FAO-ID@fao.org* Deadline for submission is 4 July 2017* Only the qualified candidate will be

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