Media Relations & Event Organizer Consultancy Work for Bogor 6 Pride Fish Forever Campaigns Launching

Media Relations and Event
Organizer Consultancy Work for Bogor 6 Pride – Fish Forever Campaigns Launching

Application deadline: January 19th, 2016 close of business
Fish Forever Initiatives in Indonesia Context
Rare, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), and the
University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) have partnered to launch a
global initiative – Fish Forever. Central to the Fish Forever model is the
proven “TURF-Reserve” system (TURF – Territorial Use Rights for Fishing). This
model combines spatial property rights for fishing areas with marine reserves
(or No Take Zones – NTZs), protecting key habitats where fish stocks can
rebuild. As fish populations recover in these reserves, a spillover effect can

improve catch in the adjacent fishing zones. Additionally, due to the value of
their assigned fishing rights within the TURF, fishers have an incentive to
protect the NTZ and sustainably manage their fishery, vastly improving upon the
outcomes of the typical “race to fish” situation of open-access fisheries.
Through the Fish Forever initiative, Rare, EDF, and UCSB are at the forefront
of implementing this approach to help address the challenges of developing
nations. Indonesia is one of the five initial countries in which Fish Forever
is launching.
The importance of improving marine resource management in
Indonesia would be difficult to overstate. From an ecological perspective, in
sheer biomass Indonesia has the second largest coral reef ecosystem and the
largest area of mangrove forests of any country on earth. At the center of the
Coral Triangle, Indonesia’s reefs are the beating heart of a vast network of
Indo-Pacific tropical marine ecosystems and are at the global hotspot of marine
biodiversity. From an economic and livelihoods perspective, Indonesia is the
world’s second largest producer of wild-capture fish (60% of which is from
small-scale fishers), has more than 1.6 million small-scale fishers, and is one
of the most fish-dependent countries in the world with Indonesians deriving
more than 40% of their animal protein from marine fish. More than 140 million
Indonesians live in coastal areas, and many of them are dependent on the health
of adjacent coral reefs, mangroves, and marine fisheries. Indonesia has more
than 15.7 million hectares of marine protected areas (MPAs) and seeks to
establish many more. However, currently most of these established MPAs are
“paper parks” with insufficient management and enforcement. The government has
committed to effectively manage 20 million hectares of MPAs by 2020 to improve
the important habitat of the fisheries, and at the same time plans to implement
the Ecosystem Approach in Fishery Management (EAFM). More importantly,
fisheries reform is essential for the success of marine conservation and MPAs.
With 17,508 islands and the world’s second longest coastline, the welfare of
Indonesia’s people is intimately linked to the ocean.
The natural resource in Indonesia are heavily impacted by
humans, activities such as over-fishing, destructive fishing and poaching of
vulnerable species are critically threating the ecosystem functioning and
services provide by marine environment. The persistent decline in fisheries due
to overfishing and the related deteriorating health of natural infrastructures
such as coral reefs and mangroves pose a significant threat to Indonesia’s
economy, food security and livelihoods. Artisanal fishers are quite vulnerable
to various shocks, including fuel prices, weather and market price
fluctuations. As a result, many fishers become indebted to loan sharks and
unfair middlemen and feel compelled to participate in the ‘race to fish’.
Because this resource is open access, fishers are forced to compete with one
another and to fish in unsafe conditions using destructive methods. This ‘race
to fish’ has caused a dramatic decline in fisheries that the Indonesian government
now hopes to remedy.
The primary goal of the Fish Forever Initiatives in
Indonesia is to demonstrate productive, sustainable, and profitable nearshore
fisheries in the developing tropics by 2017; and to develop a truly scalable
approach to nearshore fisheries reform . Fish Forever in Indonesia is
implemented through capacity building approach by establishing and working
together in partnership with 12 local institution in 12 sites in Indonesia, The
aim of this partnership is to put into practice combined NTZs with
managed-access fishery areas (TURFs)to benefit the nearshore small scale
fishing communities, providing compelling social and conservation results, in
the context of ensuring sustainable fisheries, enhanced food security, marine
biodiversity conservation, and daily livelihood benefits. A means to achieve
the goal will be to integrate existing marine conservation areas (MPAs and
no-take zones) and fishery management via TURFs into fishers’ community life,
eliminating the barrier and perception that reserves threaten and limit a
community’s livelihoods, and eliminating the race to fish, thereby ensuring
stewardship of community fishing grounds.
Within the 3-year (2014-2017) project duration, this cohort
aims to increase nearshore artisanal fishers and local stakeholder
participation in fisheries management decision making. It will seek to improve
fisheries and reduce nearshore artisanal overfishing/destructive fishing
threats in 12 ecologically important sites in Indonesia through adoption of
working TURF-Reserves. The program will build regional capacity for community
engagement and fisheries management by training 12 Campaign Fellows (CF) and 12
Technical Fellows (TF) from the Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Marine Affair
and Fisheries, District Fisheries and Marine Office, and necesary local
partners who will implement the program at each site (detail in table 1). This
cohort is built on the experiences that Rare Indonesia has gained from
implementing two consecutive cohorts campaigning for focused on enhancing NTZ
compliance and utlize the expertise of EDF and UCSB in fisheries science and
rights-based fishery management. The program will contribute to the
effectiveness of a total of 4 million hectares under sustainable management that
contain a cumulative total of 36,600 ha of NTZ by changing the behaviors and
empowering more than 3,500 fishers and reaching out to more than 150,000
community members.
Bogor 6 working sites are:

  1. Kolono Bay, Konawe Selatan, South East Sulawesi
  2. Liya Marine Protected Area, Wakatobi, South East
  3. Wakatobi National Park, South East Sulawesi
  4. Bunaken National Park, North Sulawesi
  5. Taka Bonerate National Park, South Sulawesi
  6. Bumbang Bay, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara
  7. Gili Matra Marine Recreational Area, West Nusa Tenggara
  8. Laut Banda Marine Recreational Area
  9. Sabang Marine Protected Area, Aceh
  10. Anambas Marine Recreational Area, Riau
  11. Kepulauan Seribu National Park, Jakarta
  12. Kaimana Marine Protected Area, West Papua

About the Consultancy Work
The objectives of Bogor 6
Pride Campaigns Launching as follow:

  1. Creating buzz on TURF-Reserve
  2. Raise awareness and improve understanding of the
    potential partners and media about TURF-Reserve and its contribution to
    encourage the effectiveness of Marine Protected Area management and
    sustainable fisheries.
  3. Leverage Pride Campaign impacts and strengthen RARE’s
    visibility in Indonesia through positive media coverage.
  4. Help strengthen collaboration with various partners
    range from the Ministry of Forestry, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and
    Fisheries, to international conservation NGOs (WWF, TNC, CI, WCS, etc.) by
    working together towards the common goal of protecting the oceans for
    people and nature.
  5. Provide overall support for Bogor 6 Campaign Managers,
    Implementing Partners and related target audience in the working sites in
    the implementation of Pride Campaigns.

Main Concept
The campaign launch will be held during the period of 2nd –
3rd week of February, 2016. It will start with publication on national media in
a form of op-ed, publication on media managed by the MoEF and MMAF, as well as
content posted on social media accounts.
Mini seminar on TURF-Reserve that take place in Jakarta will
become site campaign kickoff. The seminar will be held half day at a neutral
venue in Jakarta (to be determined later) to increase the credibility of the
campaign launching and strengthen the collaboration of Rare and the MoEF and
MMAF. The seminar will be open by Minister of Marine and Fisheries Affair and
Minister of Environment and Forestry. The key spoke persons will be Director
General of Ecosystem and Natural Resource Conservation – Ministry of
Environment and Forestry, Director General of Marine Spatial Planning –
Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, representative of expert/ figure on
TURF-Reserve and/ or small scale fisher’s rights as well as representative of
Rare partner for TURF-Reserve prototype. Potential donors, partners (including
potential partners for scalling) will be invited to the event to ensure the
sustainability of Pride Program in the future. The strong networking with
government and media at national level is required. The compelling press
release, the promotional materials for the media kits and the interesting
visual aids which convey the appropriate key messages regarding Bogor 6 Pride
Campaign Launching based on the needs and preferences of media at national
level will be very crucial.
Tentative Rundown of the mini workshop as follows:

  • Registration & networking over tea/coffee
  • Opening by Minister of Marine & Fisheries Affairs,
    Minister of Environment & Forestry
  • Keynote Speaker about Regulation Draft of Fisheries
  • Video about fisheries trend in Indonesia
  • Talkshow: Saatnya Nelayan Kecil Mengelola Laut
  • Lessons Learned from the field
  • Questions & Answers
  • Closing
  • Doorstep Interview

Rare is in close collaboration with MMAF and MoEF to prepare
and implement the event. Rare will take advantage of media relation from both
ministries to achieve the launching goals.
There will be local community events (and/ or publication)
at 12 working sites of Bogor 6 to launch Pride Campaigns and to reach wider
target audience. These event will be arranged separately from this consultancy
Consultancy period:
The consultancy period is 30 business days, starting from
January 25th until March 4th 2016 and it could be extended when necessary.
Scope of Works:
The key deliverable will be to prepare, organize and
evaluate the media relations and national launching event of Bogor 6 (referring
to figure 1).
Works include:

  • To work closely with the key persons of Rare Indonesia
    to prepare, organize and evaluate the media relations activities and
    national launching event of Bogor 6 Pride campaigns
  • Together with the key persons of Rare Indonesia, to
    develop the compelling press releases and op-ed, the promotional materials
    as the media kit and other visual aids (charts, maps, pictures, etc) for
    the national launching event
  • To assist the key persons of Rare Indonesia, to prepare
    the spoke persons to deliver the concise and clear key messages of Bogor 6
    Pride Campaigns Launching during the national launching event
  • To prepare and organize the national launching event
  • To develop the evaluation report of media relations and
    national launching event of Bogor 6 Pride Campaigns and to communicate
    progress regularly to Rare Indonesia

Qualifications, Skills
& Knowledge Requirements

  • This consultancy work is for a team.
  • The team have experience in preparing, organizing and
    evaluating the media relations activities
  • Have strong network of media at national level
  • Ability to write press release, journalistic reports;
    develop the media kit and other visual aids for the mini seminar.
  • Proven success in managing event
  • Proven success in project planning and management
  • Ability to work well under tight deadlines and in a
    team environment
  • Hospitable personality with strong interpersonal and
    networking skills
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Bahasa
  • Experienced in using MS Office, databases


Interested candidate should submit their CV/ team profile,
letter of interest, work plan and consultancy budget by January
19th, 2016 close of business, and email to [email protected] cc [email protected]
Only selected candidates will be contacted.

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