Oxfam – Calling for Proposal: Consultant for Mapping & Assessment – Empower Youth for Work (EYW) project in South Sulawesi

Consultancy Vacancy

Oxfam is an International Non Governmental Organization working across the
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people can influence decisions that affect their lives, enjoy their rights,
and assume their responsibilities as full citizens of a world in which all
human beings are valued and treated equally. We currently operate in 16
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Vision for Indonesia
We envision an Indonesia where women are equal citizens and everyone can
enjoy their rights even in times of shocks and disaster.

Oxfam – Calling for Proposal
Consultant for Mapping and Assessment in South Sulawesi
Empower Youth for Work Project

Oxfam obtained funding from the IKEA Foundation for the project Empower
Youth for Work (EYW). There will be better economic prospects through
improvements in the job market, better support and opportunities for youth
entrepreneurs; access to better training that enables them to receive
benefit from these opportunities, including ‘soft’, technical and
vocational training; an improved social and political enabling environment
that recognizes the contribution youth can make to society and the economy.
The project takes place in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Indonesia. It
started on 1st July 2016 with a six month inception phase and it runs for 5
years in total. By 2021, EYW project in Indonesia will give benefit direct
and indirectly to 115, 493 youth and about 70% of them will be young women.

In order to start project intervention in South Sulawesi province, we are
looking for high qualified consultant(s) for support us to update current
context and get more detail information of targeted location and
beneficiaries through comprehensive mapping and assessment.

Projects profile

EYFW project in Indonesia aims to reduce poverty in rural coastal areas
that are prone to the impact of climate change, by empowering youth
(especially young women) to secure viable employment and entrepreneurship
opportunities. This project will facilitate youth (young women and men) to
gain better employment opportunities by strengthening their capacity,
helping them to develop the right attitudes and behaviors for work;
generating and improving new economic opportunities in the form of
entrepreneurship and paid employment; enabling them to engage with
companies to get better work environments; and assisting them to claim
their rights to better health, and to enjoy social environments that
support their growth and potential. Parents and community members will be
involved to create an enabling and healthy environment for youth to become
self-reliant and to develop their enterprises and entrepreneurship.
Government and companies will be engaged and made accountable for increased
gender-sensitive and youth friendly policies.

Objectives of the consultancy

The main objectives of mapping and assessment is to assess, to collect, to
analyze and to documented the detail region’s context of the project
locations, current condition of youth, youth groups, their communities, and
existing support system which could enable them to be empowered through
project intervention. The result of this mapping and assessment will be
used as basic data to decide which specific locations, youth, and support
system should be addressed by project intervention, as well as when and
which appropriate approaches will be used.

Scope of work:

The assessment and mapping will cover (but not limited to) 3 Districts in
South Sulawesi, those are Pangkejene Kepulauan (Pangkep), Maros and Barru
and several districts around those targeted locations (for specific
analysis only) such as Makassar City, Takalar district etc. In addition,
consultant(s) should also provide some analysis that would cover national
and provincial context through desk studies.

The scope of consultant’s works at least will cover:

1. Region’s Context
· Mapping and analysis on regional context and potential (Geography,
Demography, Social Economic and Culture Condition including poverty,
health condition & facilities, Education level & Facilities,
employment, SRHR including early marriage, government &
administrative, transportation, tourism etc)
· Identify existing facilities that might be potentially used for youth

2. Youth
· Mapping youth based on geography and youth context (all secondary
data on youth number and location, social economic condition
including education, poverty, marital status, SRHR etc.)
· Mapping existing youth groups and their profile

3. School & Vocational Centre
· Detail assessment on High Schools, Vocational schools, Vocational
centre (Balai Latihan Kerja/BLK) existing profile, their needs and
willingness to develop partnership with this project.
· Identify and analyze SRHR and Climate Change contents in their
existing curriculum

4. Government & Policy
· Assessment on local government needs and existing program/ resources
that could support project through collaborative works (Government
program planning)
· Assessment on existing policy in national & local on youth, labor,
SMEs & Private Sector (Desk review)

Mapping and assessment result report
Executive Summary/ brief
Innovative data visualization (Picture, Data graphic, Maps (GIS output)
Raw data especially secondary data from government office.
Activity documentation (Photo, Video, Minutes of Meeting etc.)

July to August 2017

Consultant qualifications and application procedures:
The selected consultant / organization should:
– Have at least 5 – 7 years experience in conducting social research/
assessment/ evaluation.
– Have proven research experience in youth issues. Coverage South Sulawesi
would be significant advantage.
– Demonstrate strong understanding on design and methodology for the
mapping and assessment.
– Demonstrate high competences on report writing both in English and Bahasa
– Have proven research report on youth issues such as poverty, health
condition & facilities, education level & facilities, employment, SRHR
including early marriage, etc.
– Show good track record of previous research and publications.
– Consultant with home based in South Sulawesi is preferable.

Other information
Applicants should write proposal with detail implementation planning and
overall budget for the research, consultancy fee, and all related cost
including travel cost, workshop and meeting. Proposals are invited for
company/institutions, local NGOs, university research institution, and
group of individual who meet the profile described above. The proposal
should outline the consultant’s profile (including CV/resumes), proposed
management arrangements and examples of previous work. Proposals must also
include a clear itemized budget. Any proposals that do not include an
itemized budget will not be considered.

Resume should be submitted electronically by Monday, July 3rd, 2017 at the
latest to jakarta@oxfam.org.uk with Consultant for Mapping & Assessment –
EYW project in South Sulawesi as the subject of your email.

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