RFP : SMS LBA Recruitment Agency – Lead generation Program

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SMS LBA  Recruitment Agency – Lead generation Program

Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik

I               Introduction

SMS Location Based Advertising (LBA) is the delivery of SMS that are relevant to the location of the Gadget is a method of sending SMS by utilizing location information of mobile presence according to the BTS coverage provider (Cell ID)
at the network of Telkomsel, Indosat and XL.


Service broadcasting system advertising media channel using mobile like SMS, MMS by making use of the location information of the target recipient SMS at a specific time. This service implements the concept of push sms with the context
of the area/location has been specified by the user of the service.


The service works with LBA utilizing the cell id of each location to then existing mobile phone number to recognize in that location. Phone numbers observed this was the target recipient SMS LBA.


Therefore information will be accepted if the prospective consumers are in the area/location is relevant, or not much, with products from service users LBA. So the target consumers who want more precise objectives in the context of geography.


II             Objectives of SMS LBA Agency


The target SMS ads delivered to customers can be more scalable because it is based on location of customers.

  1. Segmentation of the Advertiser do SMS Advertising is not limited to corporate customers (corporate subcriber), but personal advertiser or small medium enterprise.
  2. Creating a new Donor segment mobile business

the objective for agency are:

  • Sending SMS to 10.000 person
  • SMS by utilizing location request by YSTC
  • Provide periodic reports in accordance the agreed amount


III            Suggested Process


SMS LBA Agency will set up and develop system to sending SMS Profiling, this need to provide information such as:

  1. Provide a list of locations that will be sent sms (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok and bekasi area).
  2. Number of sending
  3. Estimation of budget

IV            Activity and Timeline






SMS LBA Agency send document require and quotation of the services


17 Mei 2017










Agency selection


Agency selected and contract signing



YSTC  and SMS LBA Agency preparation of Sending SMS

(3 months contract)


Reporting from agency


18 Mei 2017


22 May 2017



26 May– 25 August 2017


1 September 2017

















VI            Deliverables


The SMS LBA Agency deliverable

  • List of Location
  • Profile of target reception SMS
  • Reporting


Proposal structure/requirement (if any)

Proposal must contained :

1. Technical Proposal :

  • the proposed strategy and creative concept for completion of the work
  • The proposed implementation/execution plan
  • Supplier profile, including registration/incorporation documents, experience and client list.

    2. Price proposal :

  • An all inclusive rate
  • Other costs, if any, indicating nature and breakdown;
  • A summary of the total cost for the Facility operation support including hardware, etc
  • A proposed schedule of payments (preferable for 2 terms, first term 30% after contract signed and 2nd term after final deliverable).


Criteria for the consultant selection based on competency and expertise or core and technical competencies

    • Agency/Consultant specialized in providing SMS campaign for profit or non profit sector
    • Preferably has the experience of doing recruitment for NGO in Indonesia
    • Offering a low risk financial which only pay fee to the companies as per database that is successfully received by Save the Children Indonesia


      For interest company, please submit your proposal to
      procurement.indonesia@savethechildren.org at least 30th May 2017 at 5 pm. With subject (SMS LBA)_(your company name).


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