Vacancy — Language and Cross-Cultural Coordinator (LCC) at Peace Corps Indonesia

 The United
States Peace Corps program in Indonesia is currently open recruitment for qualified
and motivated candidates for positions in SURABAYA.

Position Language and Cross-Cultural Coordinator (LCC)
Division/ Department Programming & Training Unit
Salary Depends on salary history, the annual basic salary
minimum is Rp.148,550,922
Location Surabaya, works throughout Indonesia
Reports to Director of Programming & Training


Statement Of Work – LCC:
General Description
The Language and Cross-Cultural coordinator is an integral part
of the Programming and Training (P&T) team and ensures the quality of the
language and cultural component of training. The LCC is responsible for the
development, preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and
reporting on language and cross-cultural components at Pre-Service Training
(PST), In-Service Trainings (ISTs and MSCs), Close of Service (COS) training,
and other workshops for Trainees and Volunteers. The LCC also assists the TM
with the recruitment, selection, training, and management of temporary
training staff, and coordinates work with the Programming Team. The LCC
continues develop new and relevant language and cultural learning materials
and refine approaches to support Volunteers with on-going language and
cultural learning. The work of the LCC is both programmatic and training.
LCC must consistently use a range of support and communication
skills including active listening, interactive coaching, and timely and
consistent follow through on requests for support and/or assistance and/or
program adaptations. The LCC should foster and develop personal and
professional growth, celebrate accomplishments, promote best practices and
consistently champion the efforts of Trainees and Volunteers. The LCC also
works closely with other members of Peace Corps staff to support Volunteers
in their life and work in Indonesia. Quality of work is judged by the
relevance and effectiveness of the cross-culture and language programs and
ultimately by the effectiveness of the Volunteers in applying their language
and intercultural skills in their local communities. Quality of work is also
judged by the collaborative participation with all Peace Corps staff,
especially the programming and training team.
Peace Corps Indonesia employs several weeks of orientation and
training to prepare new staff members for their roles in the organization.

Summary of Responsibilities
§  Assist
and coordinate with the TM development of a yearly calendar of training
events (COTE) and the overall language and cross-cultural budget for PCVs
based upon their ongoing training needs and post priorities, in coordination
with PP&T staff and other stakeholders.
§  Oversee
the design, creation, reproduction, procurement, and inventory of language
and cultural training materials, services, and resources needed for training
§  Establish
and act as primary point of contact for professional relationships with
language schools providing training services and materials to Trainees and
§  Review
and develop goals, objectives, session outlines, and budget of language and
cross-cultural training events with other staff members and make
recommendations for improvement before and after the training events. Suggest
innovations, changes, or polices that may enhance Peace Corps operations.
§  Review
evaluations of language and cross-cultural training events and make
recommendations for improvement of future events and assists in preparation
of the annual Training Status Report (TSR) to be submitted to HQ.
§  Assist
in ongoing staff development by conducting needs assessments, designing Cross
cultural training session, identifying local expertise/trainers/advisers as
required, co-facilitating the training, and evaluating results.
§  Complete
special projects and assignments for the TM and/or P&T team as needed.
§  Provide
general support as needed to P&T team, requiring familiarity with
Volunteers, projects, sites, and functions of the unit.
§  Manage
pool of LPI testers—select, schedule training, and organize refreshers on a
regular basis.
§  Provide
support to the P&T team by participating in the host family
identification process for PST and by co-facilitating orientation training
for the selected PST host families.

Peace Corps conducts extensive
pre-service training to prepare Volunteers for their two-year assignments, as
well as various in-service events that provide Volunteers and their
Indonesian partners with updated knowledge and skills in Bahasa Indonesia and
other Indonesian languages and cross-cultural areas. The LCC provides
effective and solid on-site coordination and administration to ensure the
highest quality of Indonesian language and cross-cultural experiences for
Trainees and Volunteers. Duties for training events include, but are not
limited to, the following:
§  Participate
in the training staff selection process, particularly for language and
inter-cultural positions.
§  Oversee
and support language facilitators (LFs) and community liaisons (CLs),
ensuring that they carry out their responsibilities according to their SOWs.
§  Conduct
a thorough and extensive Training of Trainers (TOT)/Language Training of
Trainers (LTOT) prior to PST for all LFs. Utilize the adult experiential
learning model to guide them in session and materials design, innovative
approaches and activities.         
§  Develop
PST Indonesian language training calendar and curriculum, including plan for
session designs, activities, and assignments and cross-cultural component.
Address the practical needs of Trainees as they strive to adapt to using
Bahasa Indonesia language for daily needs and conversation.           
§  Organize
field trips, excursions, and other language and cross-cultural activities
that expose Trainees to various aspects of Indonesian society.
§  Identify,
create, and/or adapt Indonesian language materials, suitable to Peace Corps
Indonesia’s program, for both PST sessions and independent study. Prior to
PST, and in cooperation with the TM and DMO, order all necessary language
books and materials for use in class, at site, and throughout PC service.                                                                                                                         
§  Collaborate
with language training provider to conduct additional TOT as necessary
throughout PST and actively assist LFs with the design and production of
training session materials, flipcharts, etc.
§  Monitor
language classes and provide ongoing feedback to each LF and CL at regularly
scheduled intervals according to evaluation criteria and make recommendations
for improvements. Design an evaluation instrument for LFs’ and CLs’
§  Provide
technical expertise to Bahasa Indonesia and other local language trainers and
facilitators, implementing sessions when necessary, encouraging discussions
and activities, and acting as an important resource and cultural informant.
Revise competencies and design, record and evaluate all sessions accordingly.

§  Collaborate
with technical and language trainers to design and implement integrated
community learning activities, including the Community Entry Passport
assignment, throughout PST. Ensure the integration of the cultural,
technical, health and safety and security components of training into the
language curriculum whenever possible, in classroom sessions as well as in
practice language sessions
§  Provide
input and cultivate relationships with potential guest speakers with
cross-cultural expertise.  
§  Conduct
site visits during training and in service to monitor PCTs’ and PCVs’
language acquisition. Hold individual interviews with both Trainees and host
families to discuss language-learning progress.                    
§  Provide
documentation on Trainees’ performance in language training, in support of
decisions to recommend or not recommend each Trainee to become a Volunteer.                                          
§  Develop
and implement a comprehensive testing approach and coordinate the testing
schedule for all Trainees.        
§  Participate
in assessment of Trainees throughout the training, providing constructive
feedback to PC and PST staff. Participate in permanent site placement
§  Suggest
and submit language materials to be used in pre-departure assignments, the
Trainee Handbook, and other publications.
§  Train
new LFs and CLs if any to ensure every staff member has the same teaching
standard of Peace Corps. Be able to do on-the-job coaching if necessary.
§  Design
and implement language component evaluation that will help Peace Corps
Indonesia improve language training in the future.
§  Compile
copies of all language-training materials and names of resource persons with
recommendations for future use in a way that can be easily referenced for the
next training.       
§  Review
and update language/cross-cultural materials to ensure they are up to date
and appropriate to the nature of the program.
§  Submit
Language-training weekly report to TM on a weekly basis.
§  Ensure
good communication among the P&T team uphold and supporting the Peace
Corps’ goals, philosophy and mission. Foster a production cooperating working
relationship among training staff, partners, and other PC staff. 

Trainees and Volunteers are provided
with quality training and ongoing project support that equips them to be
self-sufficient and to have a productive and fulfilling experience at site.
The LCC is a key support and contact person for Trainees and Volunteers in
language and cross-cultural matters. Support duties and responsibilities
include, but are not limited to, the following:
§  Provide
PCTs/PCVs with guidance either as a group or on an individual basis, through
positive leadership, direct language and cross-cultural assistance, and
§  Design
an ongoing language learning program, including training events, language
immersion programs, promotion of tutoring, ongoing language learning
materials, and assessments throughout service.
§  Encourage
and motivate Volunteers to focus on ongoing language learning by distributing
relevant materials in a timely manner; this can include weekly updates,
web-based materials, etc.
§  Support
language tutoring for Volunteers including identifying local or online
tutors, providing tutors with training, providing materials, matching
Volunteers with tutors, ensuring the quality of tutoring, managing the
tutoring budget.
§  Help
Trainees and Volunteers to identify their individual learning needs and
provide support to Volunteers with strategies in working with their tutor at
their permanent site as needed.
§  Support
PCVs in the field through organizing Intensive Language Workshops and through
providing assistance (guidance and materials development) for various
tutoring options.
§  Actively
participate in the development and implementation of a trainee assessment and
feedback process for all training events.
§  Support
Trainees and Volunteers with cross cultural information and guidance. Assist
Trainees and Volunteers in identifying resource people and places in their
villages that will help them to fully explore and experiment with the
§  In
cooperation with PST staff, visit trainees at the cluster villages to observe
directly the results of training and obtain input for future programs.
§  Ensure
all Trainees/Volunteers complete LPIs at the end of PST, at mid-service, and
at close of service, and manage data and record-keeping.
§  Develop
collegial relationships with Volunteers and provide timely, proactive, and
responsive communication through phone calls, text messages, emails, visits
at site and at the Peace Corps office, or during training events.
§  Keep
accurate notes regarding Volunteer communication using the VIDA database.
§  Advise
Volunteers on Peace Corps policies and monitor adherence to policies,
documenting non-compliance as needed.
§  Support Trainees and Volunteers
and serve as a cross-cultural informant and language coach. Attend language,
technical, and safety and security sessions
§  Be able to act as a substitute
LF or CL if necessary.
§  Provide general administrative
and office support as needed. Prepare correspondence, reports, and other
documents related to the language and cross-cultural training components.
§  Keep accurate and complete
records of all training materials used for each training event.
§  Act as translator and
interpreter for PC and PST staff as needed.
§  Prepare and submit all
documents, materials, handbooks, reports, etc. as required by the DPT and
accordingly to established criteria and format.

Minimum 5 years’ experience working in related fields
Working in training and training design or education settings,
in particular with adult learners (highly desirable)
Prior experience working with Americans and/or experience living
abroad preferred
Fluency in both English and Bahasa Indonesia (written and
spoken) is required, as is an ability to quickly and accurately switch
between Indonesian to English, and vice versa.
Ability to speak other Indonesian languages (e.g., Bahasa Jawa,
Bahasa Sunda, Bahasa Madura) is desired.
Ability to quickly and accurately translate and interpret from
Bahasa Indonesia to English, and vice versa
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Experience with training design and facilitation utilizing
experiential, adult-education methodologies, counseling or providing feedback
to others
Experience monitoring and evaluating training events and
demonstrated experience in creative and innovative solutions
Excellent knowledge of Indonesia (people, environment, history,
religion, etc.) and ability to teach Americans about cultural difference and
act as a resource person.
Experience managing and supervising staff and leading teams
Strategic planning in designing longer-term training continuum
Demonstrated abilities to maintain professional networks of
contacts with organizations and/or government officials through personal contact
and correspondence.
Experience teaching foreign language with knowledge of learning
styles and approach is a strong advantage.
Ability to work in a cross-cultural setting as a part of an
intercultural team.
Knowledge of the challenges and benefits of working in a
cross-cultural environment.
Ability to work under time restraints and manage many projects.
Ability to contribute to process improvements by assessing,
analyzing, and recommending solutions.
Ability to coordinate effectively with other units and external
parties in achieving specific objectives.
Educational Background:
University/college degree required, preferably in English
Education, International Development, Cross-Cultural Studies, or a similar




Please submit the following by email as one PDF file to
Cover Letter
Please indicate “LCC
in the subject line of the email.
To be considered the email should be sent on or before:
Monday July
10, 2017 at 10:00AM local Surabaya time.
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