(Vacancy) Women’s Outreach Manager at Atma Connect

Women’s Outreach Manager
Application Deadline: July 5th, 2017

1. University graduate (S1)
2. Ability to communicate effectively with people from diverse women groups and communities and
multicultural environment
3. Possess a high social media literacy – Facebook, Twitter, IG, Google+, etc
4. Ability to communicate fluently in English both in writing and speaking with the ATMA team
5. A self-starter, strategic thinker and an activist who is motivated to work for gender equality and social
6. Ability to organize and mobilize women to participate and get results.
7. Ability to work on tasks with attention to details and accuracy and to deliver results timely.
8. Familiarity with nonprofits and, specifically, with technology and international organizations is
desirable. An interest in smart city applications, sustainable development and community empowerment
is helpful, but not required—as long as you are intellectually curious enough to learn about our niche over

Responsibilities of the Women Outreach Manager
The WOM will undertake the following activities:

The WOM will develop a partnership action plan in Indonesia to link the
various women’s groups to AtmaGo. She will create a strategic document
outlining all the existing large women’s organizations, their needs, and
the opportunities to partner with them. She will conduct high level
meetings with leaders in these organizations to develop partnerships.
She will provide training as required to partners to allow them to
participate actively in AtmaGo development.

Community Outreach
The WOM will work with the ATMA team in reaching out to women’s groups,
women entrepreneurs, students, and housewives to introduce and to
promote the use of AtmaGo. She will have face to face meetings with
potential users together with the team or separate meetings if required.
She will also reach them through facebook or other social media
networks that are deemed appropriate by the team.

Content Development
On the basis of the outreach activities, the WOM will work with the
Product Director to develop content that would incentivize more women to
post on AtmaGo. She will also work on users’ satisfaction/appreciation
on the postings. She will participate in survey development to develop
women’s content. She will develop a team of women ambassadors for AtmaGo
who will create relevant content.

Data Analytics and Impact Evaluation
Together with the team, she will monitor the postings and develop the
database by gender to report to donors, the public and for impact
evaluation. She will also develop user feedback stories that could be
used by ATMA to describe its gender focus.

The WOM will report to and be guided in her work by the Advisor, Ms Minh Chau Nguyen.

How to Apply:
● Applications are due July 5, 2017 . The position is open until
filled. We are looking to hire someone as soon as possible, so we
encourage you to apply early.
● Please submit a cover letter and CV,
to jobs@atmaconnect.org. Include the subject line “Application for
Womens Outreach Manager position.”
● Your cover letter should answer the following questions:
1. How would you propose to initiate partnerships with women’s organizations in
2. How could we make AtmaGo more useful for women, and more used by women?
3. Give two examples of how you took initiative in your past to develop partnerships
4. How do you measure your success?
5. What skills, qualities and relationships will you bring to the organization?
● No phone or email inquiries.

The full job description can be accessed here:


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