Anticipated USAID-Bukti Untuk Kebijakan dan Advokasi (BUKA)

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Abt Associates is actively recruiting qualified professionals for the anticipated USAID Bukti Untuk Kebijakan dan Advokasi (BUKA – Evidence for Policy and Advocacy) program in Indonesia. BUKA aims to bolster the use of evidence in decision-making in the policy and public spheres by enhancing the capacity of scientific institutions and increasing public demand. Positions sought include:

•    Civil Society Capacity Building Specialist – experience improving research and institutional capacity of civil society organizations working in policy realm
•    Public Policy Advocacy Specialist – experience shaping public policy through civil society organizations, creating linkages of civil society organizations to policymakers at national and regional levels
•    Private Sector Policy Specialist – engagement with the private sector to identify and later articulate policy needs, ability to link private sector to relevant decision makers in government for open policy dialogue
•    Policy Communications Specialist – ability to effectively disseminate research to public through various media outlets

Successful candidates must have university degrees in communications, economics, law, public policy, or other relevant degree. A minimum of 8 years of experience implementing nationally relevant programs in policy, applied research or science for government, private businesses or non-governmental organizations. Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia is required, fluency in English is preferred as well.

Interested candidates may send a CV and cover letter to [email protected]. Only qualified candidates will be contacted. Thank you for your interest in Abt Associates.

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