Call for Proposal – Community-Based Health and Nutrition to Prevent Stunting Project (CHNP)

Attached please find the announcement for Call for Proposal.

MCA-Indonesia is launching this Call for Proposals (CfP)under The Private Sector Response Sub-Activity (PSRA)  for CommunitySanitation Partnership (CSP) Projects that will (i) reduce stunting in childrenunder 2 years old  and improve healthy nutrient intake in children under 5years old in targeted geographies by addressing constraints and opportunitiesin sanitation, safe water and hygiene at the community level and (ii) catalyzegreater private sector investment and public private partnerships to drivesustainable and replicable solutions that improve access, affordability and/orawareness of sanitation and hygiene.

Interested applicants can download the CfP documents at thelink provided in the CfP announcement after completing the applicationregistration.




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