Call for Proposal: Islamic Development Bank Country Gateway Office Indonesia seeks Individual Consultant on Road Transportation Pprogramme

TERMS OF REFERENCE Road Transportation Program
in Indonesia
 Introduction 1. The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) is planning to
prepare new project in Transportation Sector covering the construction of the
new roads and upgrading the existing roads in the Southern East Java corridor
(Trans South-South Eastern Java) hereafter referred to as the Project. 2. The main objective of the proposed project is to
relieve congestion in the existing main roads in northern East Java corridor
and to support the economic development in the southern part of East Java
region. The project will be implemented by the Directorate General of Highway
Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MOPWH). 3.
In this context, an IDB missions will visit Indonesia and hold several working
sessions with the officials of the relevant Ministries and Departments in
relation to preparing the concept and the appraisal for this project. The Bank
is now seeking the services of an individual Consultant who will assist in the
preparation (Concept and Appraisal) and formulation of the project.  Background/Rationale 4. The proposed project is aligned with Government of
Indonesia (GOI) medium-term development plan to support land transportation
development strategy which includes construction of 2,650 km new roads
throughout the country, increase the existing road capacity to 1,807 km,
construction 1,000 km of new toll road and preserving the current roads. 5.
The proposed project will improve important national and strategic road corridors
in southern Java to encourage economic growth in less-developed regions in Java
Island. The rehabilitation, capacity expansion and new construction of roads
will improve connectivity and access to services and product in the area.  Purpose/Objectives 6.
The overall objectives of the assignment is to contribute to the preparation
and appraisal for the proposed project.  Scope & Deliverables  7. In the framework of the
present consultancy services, the Consultant is expected to:  ·       Review the existing
conditions at project site. The review will includes the description of the
existing land uses in the vicinity of the project, site location plan that
shows the proposed project site in relation to the surrounding area other
transport infrastructure, existing road layout, proposed road layout,
description and functional classification of the road network, current and
projected Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) update traffic / vehicle
characteristics, establish the current personal injury accident records for the
most recent three-year period. ·     Review transport
sector. The review will includes the description of the transport sector of the
country including assessment of regional and national transport strategy and
policy framework with a particular focus on the Island of Java. ·    Obtain and review
project scope, including description of the proposed project including all
related components, assessment of the design alternatives (if any), evaluation
and analysis of the available technical documentation, assessment of the
technical details for the bridges or any other structure, assessment of the
environmental, economic and social impacts. Any mitigation measures and social
safeguards. ·        
Obtain, review
and update economic analysis of the project. Update the economic viability of
the project to include but not limited to EIRR/CBA calculations of the project
with clear definition of the variables for assessment, identified and
justified. Also social impact of the project not captured by the economic
analysis. ·        
Obtain, review
and update the project costing: unit costs based on the individual construction
elements such as cost of pavement, road shoulders, bridge construction,
drainage facility, signalization, lightings, etc. Taking into consideration
inflationary and market adjustments. ·     Obtain and review
road maintenance management guidelines including description of the type of
road management regime, road funds, data collection on the current road
maintenance management including decision support systems, sustainability of
road management, etc. ·       Obtain and review
of Road Safety assessment plans and guidelines. The potential for
project-related or other transport accidents on the road project, assessment of
the vulnerable road users, safety audits and policy framework, and mitigation
measures ·     Obtain and review
Environmental impact assessments including the identification of mitigation
measures, cost implications and land acquisition. ·     In close
consultation with the executing agency of the project and IDB project team, the
consultant will prepare all necessary documentation regarding the project
preparation, appraisal and recommendations. This includes the preparation of
project proposals, implementation arrangements, timelines, and milestones of
the project.  Reporting requirements 8. The Consultant will be
responsible for fulfilling the following tasks:  ·      The Consultant
will submit an updated version of the Project Concept Document (PCD) in English
to the Bank 5 days after the preparation mission. The consultant shall submit
the revised report to the Bank within a week after receiving its feedback. ·        
The Consultant
will prepare the Project Appraisal Document (PAD) and Recommendation Report to

the President (RRP) in English to the Bank 10 days after the Appraisal Mission.
A draft report covering the all necessary component pertaining to project,
including project scope, components, implementation arrangements, economic and
financial analysis, timeline as well as the part relating to procurement procedures
shall be submitted to the Bank a week after the Mission. ·        
A final
consolidated report on the outcome of the preparation/appraisal mission in
three copies.  Qualifications
& Experience of the Consultant
Master’s Degree in Civil Engineer/Transport Engineer and relevant fields, with
at 6 years of substantive experience in the road and highway construction.  Award
of Contract
The consultant who has made the highest score in the combined evaluation will
be awarded the contract. For the purpose of evaluation of financial offers, the
cost of air ticket fare will not be included in the evaluation.  Offer
11. CVs and proposals will be submitted to Br. Adhi
Dipo, IDB Gateway Office in Jakarta, Indonesia 12.
Deadline of this submission is on Monday, 14 December 2015. Please send your
latest CV and proposal and any clarification to Adhi Dipo, [email protected].  

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