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About Life Project 4 Youth

Life Project 4 Youth is a federation of 17 organizations in 14 countries whose mission is the development of innovative solutions for the professional and social inclusion of Young people (17-24 years old) from extreme poverty and victims of exclusion.

LP4Y supports the decent inclusion of thousands of Young people and their families in 41 programs, 18 Training & Development Centers, 4 Little Angel Academies, 6 Green Villages, 2 LP4Y Labs in South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Europe and America.

Over the past 15 years LP4Y has created solutions, always close to slum areas in large cities such as Manila, Cebu, Iligan, Cagayan de Oro, Calauan, Jakarta, Surabaya, New-Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Raipur, Chennai, Kathmandu, Yangon, Dhaka, and Beirut. Currently, we are 126 Catalysts in Asia working with Young Adults contributing to the development of their country. Since 2009, 8,241 youth have been accompanied to the professional world.

Job Description

Once trained on the LP4Y pedagogy and the use of our tools you will take part in coaching a team of 18 Young Adults, developing your skills in the following areas:

Organization and management (project management and transverse management)

  • Develop the team to welcome 18 youth (out of school Youth) and encourage new youth to join the program.
  • Support the Youth with a strong ecosystem allowing specific training over business-related areas like English, communication, professional behavior and communication
  • Help the youth to develop their life project plan.

Pedagogy and accompanying the Young Adults (training and cross management)

  • Support the youth in the development of an economic activity by making them experience the different facets of entrepreneurship: production, sales, financial management.

Development of a microeconomic activity (social entrepreneurship)

  • Coordinating the development of your program on all of its aspects (human resource, organization of the activity, pedagogy, finance)

Development of partnerships (communication and strategy)

  • Develop the local partnership for your program (companies, NGOs, educational institutions, etc.)

Due to the nature of this mission, we highly recommend you to be open to a 1 year of mission. We believe that this duration will allow you to acquire a more profound catalyst experience and to develop more both your professional and personal aspect.

The minimum duration of this mission is 1 year, and will appeal to candidates who are passionate about intercultural cooperation, having already acquired previous professional experience and who is committed with this mission.

Skills and Abilities

Successful candidates will be open, dynamic and enterprising, and looking for an opportunity to develop their character and skills in a multi-cultural context. They will also enjoy communicating with humor, enthusiasm and will be keen team players, committed to making a real difference in the field. Fluent English is required.

Education and Experience

There is no requirement in terms of education and experience. However the following criteria can be a plus:

  • Bachelor in any social sciences (eg. Psychology, sociology, etc.)
  • Bachelor in Education can also be suitable
  • Experience in NGO work
  • Experience in professional business can also be a plus


  • Will receive allowance of 4.992.000 IDR/month
  • LP4Y will take charge of your expenses if you need to travel as and when required for Project Purpose.
  • Housing is provided – free accommodation
  • Basic food included

How to Apply


To apply for this mission, please send your resume and motivation letter, both in English to [email protected] and put [email protected] and [email protected] on copy.

If your application is selected, you will then go through an interview in English.

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