Conservation Program Assistant

Term of Reference 

Job title : Conservation Program Assistant

Location : Banda Aceh, Aceh

Job Type : Full-time, Permanent

Start date : 15 April 2024


About YEL

Yayasan Ekosistem Lestari (YEL) stands to protect Sumatra’s rich biodiversity, addressing escalating environmental threats. These non-profit organizations safeguard natural treasures, foster environmental awareness, and empower communities near conservation areas. In response to Sumatra’s rainforest decline, YEL embarked on a mission to preserve this vital ecosystem. Its astonishing flora and fauna face deforestation, encroachment, and illegal wildlife trade.

YEL and PanEco Foundation, co- established the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP). This initiative secures the future of Critically Endangered orangutans and their habitat. SOCP encompasses rescue, rehabilitation, and reintroduction of orangutans, as well as habitat restoration and community engagement. Recognizing the link between environmental protection and human well-being, YEL engages communities with environmental education and sustainable livelihood initiatives. These empower local communities to become stewards of their environment, ensuring harmonious coexistence between people and nature.

In essence, YEL embodies the spirit of environmental stewardship. Their unwavering commitment to conservation, education, and community development makes them indispensable partners in preserving Sumatra’s natural heritage and ensuring a sustainable future for all. This position, Conservation Program Assistant, plays a critical role in advancing the organization’s mission of forest conservation, livelihood improvement, and sustainable development in the region.



  • Sumatra’s forests are one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on Earth but face significant threats from deforestation, unsustainable logging, and conversion for agriculture and other land uses.
  • Indigenous communities and local populations depend on healthy forests for their livelihoods and cultural well-being.
  • Sustainable development policies and practices are crucial for balancing conservation and human needs in the region.


Role and Responsibility:

  1. Assist in developing strategic plans, programs, and activities for orangutan conservation in Aceh, in line with YEL’s overall strategy, especially concerning government programs and policies in the Ulumasin, Singkil, Tripa, and Leuser Ecosystem landscapes through:
    1. Collaboration with relevant stakeholders (government, NGOs, local communities, private sector etc.);
    2. Designing and facilitating the implementation of activities and interventions that support orangutan conservation;
    3. Monitoring the progress and implementation of programs and activities in the field.
  2. Collect and compile data, reports, and information in the form of documents as needed by the YEL Division for Policy and Advocacy and partners in Aceh.
  3. Conduct an in-depth analysis of relevant policy and regulations at international, national, and local levels, especially those related to the environment, sustainability, and development in the Aceh region.
  4. Integrate international and national policies and regulations into the local context, including monitoring changes in policies and regulations that impact YEL’s activities.
  5. Assist, lead, and support the Head of Division and program coordinators/managers in implementing their duties and communicating with partners, government agencies, private sectors, and other relevant institutions.
  6. Assist all YEL projects and staff in Aceh with financial planning (budgeting), coordination/communication, reporting, and implementation of programs and activities in Aceh and, if required, also in North Sumatra.
  7. Represent YEL at relevant seminars/workshops, meetings, and events and submit reports on results and planned follow-ups to the Head of the Division for Policy and Advocacy and the Director for Conservation.
  8. Assist with the coordination of YEL teams and guests, and visitors and accompany them on the field visits if required.
  9. Ensure all reporting (Quarterly, Semester, and Annual) of YEL Division for Policy and Advocacy programs and activities in Aceh is fully completed and on time.
  10. Willingness to travel outside the Aceh area, such as North Sumatra, Jakarta, or other locations if required.
  11. Conduct other activities assigned by YEL’s management.


Reporting and supervision

Head of Division for Policy and Advocacy and Director for Conservation YEL.



Monthly salary, BPJS, and accommodation in Banda Aceh. This is a full-time position with an initial contract of 12 months with the possibility of an extension.



  1. Proficiency in English and Bahasa Indonesia, both written and spoken;
  2. Understand environmental context (policies and regulations) in Aceh and Indonesia;
  3. A bachelor’s degree in law is preferable but not a must;
  4. Women are encouraged to apply for this position.


Send your CV and cover letter to: [email protected]

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