CRS Looking for Biogas Consultant

BIOGAS Consultant
Tangguh Menghadapi Perubahan Iklim (TaMPIk) Project Kabupaten Belu,

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is a US – based
voluntary organization working in more than 80 countries around the world to
assist people victims of disasters, people in need and the disadvantaged
regardless of race, belief or nationality. CRS has been operating in Indonesia
since 1957 under the Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Social
Affairs with programs primarily in the areas of community development,
humanitarian assistance, Disaster management and Emergency Response. 
CRS/Indonesia is
currently hiring for Biogas Consultant for TaMPIk Project to support Catholic
Relief Services (CRS) Indonesia and partners, Socio–Economic Development Commission of the Diocese of
Atambua (PPSE-KAat Kabupaten Belu, NTT with
skill and knowledge to install and maintain certified biogas installation
in collaboration with local partners
Panitia Penyelenggara Sosial Ekonomi Keuskupan Atambua (PPSE-KA) and Yayasan Mitra Tani Mandiri (YMTM) have implemented Sustainable Agriculture for Enhanced Resilience
(SAfER) in 10 food – insecure villages in Belu District, East Nusa Tenggara
Province since October 2013 until April 2016. The SAfER project has succeeded in supporting 1500 target farmers iincreasing their food crops production by applying
farming techniques,
including soil and water conservation, that are more appropriate for coping
with environmental stresses.

from SAfER project, CRS just started TaMPIk project in 10 new village still in
Belu District. CRS Indonesia will build
on successes and lessons learned from the SAfER project, which contributed to
an increase of more than 300% in corn and bean production. Household and
communities will increase their resiliency by adopting appropriate farming and
soil and water conservation techniques to adapt to changing climate conditions
and at the same time conserve and maintain the ecosystem. The appropriate
technologies that will be introduced to the TaMPIk project beneficiaries
include seeds sortation and storage, the making and use of organic fertilizers
and pesticides, improved planting system, harvest and post-harvest handling,
vegetable cultivation, and line sowing. To conserve and maintain the ecosystem,
this project will also promote the use renewable energy for cooking and other
households needs such as electricity.
With the high population of cattle in some of the
target villages, both SAfER and TaMPIk project promoted the use of cow dunk
only to make organic fertilizers/compost. Therefore, Biogas system is
considered as good alternative for environmental friendly renewable energy.
Farmers will be able to use the bio slurry for organic fertilizers.
CRS has no experience in biogas installation
therefore CRS is looking for professional consultant to provide us with skill
and knowledge to install and maintain certified biogas installation.
Works that should be carried out
by consultant

Study and review the TaMPIk project documents,
including SAfER Learning
Study Belu district profile from secondary data to be familiar with
geographical and demography of project site.
Develop/adopt Biogas training curriculum for CRS and partners staff
Facilitate Biogas training for CRS and partners staff
Demonstrate the step – by – step installation/construction of 1 unit
of biogas system in the project site.
Develop/provide written guidance/manual for the
installation/construction of biogas system for CRS and partner staff reference.
Maintain close coordination with CRS/ID contact person for this consultation. And the CRS/ID
contact person will also support the consultant to ensure that each activity is appropriate that described in this
Maintain close coordination with CRS field team and
partners in the project area during consultation.
One unit of Indonesian
Standard’s (SNI) certified Biogas installation in the project site. The consultant
provides guarantee that the biogas installation will be working for a certain
period of time with agreed terms and conditions.
One package of Biogas training
modules about biogas training.
One package of Biogas
installation manual/guidance and IEC material to promote biogas installation
for community  

CRS Indonesia is seeking professional consultant with the
following qualifications:
preferably who have experience working with NGOs, UN,
and other international bodies, or private company for making certified biogas installation .
skill and extensive experience in making biogas installation
in  rural communities (please submit samples of portfolios that
you have worked on/produced).
Strong training facilitation
qualifed human resources and appropriate equipment’s for installing biogas in accordance with the product specifications/deliverables required in this SOW.
Willing to travel to locations of the project described in this SOW
sense of cultural sensitivity and respect of local customs.
  Timeline (open for
discussion with selected consultant)

12 August 2016: deadline for submission of proposal/application
to CRS.
19 August 2016: notification of the selected application
directly to the applicant.
24 August 2016: Briefing meeting between the selected applicants
with CRS team to discuss detail implementation plan for
consultation in Jakarta.
29 August – 2 September 2016:
Biogas training for CRS and partners in Atambua.
3 – 9 September 2016: Demonstration
on installing biogas in project site.
4 – 8 October 2016: Monitor the
progress and function of biogas installations.
Place of Performance:
Jakarta and
the TaMPIk project location in Belu
District, NTT
Working relationship
Selected consultant will work closely with
CRS/ID contact person for TaMPIk project in Jakarta and CRS Program officer in
Atambua, CRS’s partners in Atambua and
farmers as the beneficiaries in Belu District, NTT.
Interested applicants should submit budget proposal for the biogas consultant in accordance with the works required in this
SOW such as follow:
Fees for consultant for the
time worked as per the agreed timeline
Per diem during field visit to
project site in Atambua as described
3.       Training module and IEC material (training
venue and accommodation will be arranged by CRS)

Material for biogas
installation (in case some material not
available locally)

5.       Transportation and accommodation (this
is optional, CRS can provide airline ticket and hotel for consultant for travel
to project site)

6.       Local transportation from office / house to airport round trip
Candidates who meet the above qualifications are encouraged to
apply and email their CV before July 31, 2016 to [email protected]     
“Only short-listed candidates will be invited
via e-mail/phone for Interview”

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