Data Entry Consultant for Bogor City Area

Job Description


Meeting Targets and Maintaining Epidemic Control (EpiC), a five-year global project funded by PEPFAR and USAID, is dedicated to achieving and maintaining HIV epidemic control. The EpiC project provides strategic technical assistance (TA) and direct service delivery (DSD) to break through barriers to 95-95-95 and promote self-reliant management of national HIV programs by improving HIV case-finding, prevention, care and treatment programming, and viral load suppression. EpiC is led by FHI 360 with core partners Right to Care, Palladium, Population Services International (PSI), and Gobee Group. The project also draws upon regional resource partners to provide TA, as well as global resource partners who bring unique capacities.

The EpiC team’s approach to TA is guided by four mutually reinforcing principles: (1) a focus on speed, scale, standards, and sustainability; (2) customization according to local priorities, financing,  epidemiology, and the differentiated needs of target populations; (3) adaptive management based on results; and (4) transition of TA and DSD to local and regional partners to enable them to receive direct awards. In addition, EpiC applies human centered design thinking to resolve persistent challenges along the HIV service cascade.

The EpiC approaches includes:

  • Attain and maintain HIV epidemic control among at-risk adult men, women, and priority populations
  • Attain and maintain HIV epidemic control among key populations
  • Improve program management, health information systems, HRH and HIV financing solutions to attain and maintain epidemic control
  • Support the transition of direct funding and implementation to capable local partners to meet PEPFAR’s goal of providing 70 percent of its funding to local partners

EpiC focus in 13 districts area in the Jakarta and Greater Jakarta, namely: 1) Central Jakarta; 2) North Jakarta, 3) West Jakarta, 4) South Jakarta, 5) East Jakarta, 6) Bekasi District, 7) Bekasi City, 8) Depok, 9) Bogor City, 10) Bogor Regency, 11) South Tangerang City, 12) Tangerang District, and 13) Tangerang City. Per above approach, EpiC put high priority on strengthening systems for planning, monitoring, evaluating, and assuring the quality of program for key populations. To support this area, EpiC will work with data entry consultants in its Greater Jakarta or work remotely.

Together, EpiC, and other implementing and TA partners works with PHO/DHO representatives to strengthen recording and reporting facility-based HIV data into SIHA. Therefore, EpiC and PHO/DHOs will continue supports for data entry clerks/consultant that has been running during the implementation of the EpiC project, who will assist PHO/DHOs/Health Facility in those districts in Jakarta and Greater Jakarta. EpiC and PHO/DHOs will hire 13-data entry clerks (consultant) that will be based on the above districts and will be mobile to provide technical assistance at health facility in assigned district.

Detailed Description of Tasks to be Performed:

Under the direction and supervision of EpiC and PHO and DHOs, the assistance to be provided by the data entry clerks/consultant will include:

  • Support facility data persons on collect and input data of HIV testing, care & treatment into SIHA in good quality, complete and timely and ensure 95% of health facilities report the data into SIHA
  • Provide technical support to health facilities to improve the capacity of facility data persons on recording and reporting of SIHA data at least one mentoring visit to each facility in monthly,
  • Provide technical support and conduct data verification and provide feedback to health facilities routinely.
  • Assist Time Bound Staff/Consultant on strengthening district data reporting and ensuring the quality of district level data.
  • Generating output/summary of results after inputting the data through SIHA application
  • Perform another duty as a signed.

Job Requirements

  1. Scope of WorkThe main duties and key responsibilities for Data Entry Clerks as below:
    • Functioned in strengthening recording and reporting SIHA.
    • Support the District Health Office to ensure all health services use SIHA, ARK app and cascade generator tools as data analysis providers.
    • Ensure facility report the data of testing, care & treatment into SIHA. in timely and completely
    • This consultant will be working for Bogor City Area.

    Deliverables/Milestones & Due Dates:

    This section should be informed by the SOW.  This section should also clearly state what the deliverables are and the exact due date of those deliverables.

    Deliverable Expected Due Date
    Data of Advanced HIV Disease (AHD) is completed. 31-Aug-24
    Data of patient who are taking TLD regimen is completed. 30-Sep-24
    All reports can be submitted in English or Bahasa Indonesia

     Period of performance: This consultancy is maximum 2 (two) months starting from August 2024. Each month, the Data Entry consultant will work not exceeding 15 LOE during contract.

    Location of Work:  This position will be based on supported health facility in Bogor City Area.

    Travel: Not anticipated

    Other Expenses by reimbursement

    • Communication
    • Ground Transport


How to Apply

Timetable and Address for Submission

  • Due date for proposal is July 14th, 2024. Required documentation listed below must be e-mailed to [email protected]

Please put on subject of email: (Position) – (your name). 

Example: DE Bogor City – Budi Santoso

  • Only short-listed candidates will be notified and will be called for written test, interview and completed FHI 360 Biodata form



Desired Qualifications include:

  • Minimal two years experiences with education background in Diploma or bachelor’s degree, majoring in Public Health, Statistic, Mathematic and Anthropology, Sociology, or other relevant academic background
  • Has highly attention and interest on data
  • Is meticulous person
  • Has intermediate skill on Microsoft Excel
  • Is familiar with SIHA 2.1 for testing and treatment modules (preferable)

This job description summarizes the main duties of the job. It neither prescribes nor restricts the exact tasks that may be assigned to carry out these duties. This document should not be construed in any way to represent a contract of employment. Management reserves the right to review and revise this document at any time.

Evaluation Criteria: Proposals will be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria:

Area Indicators Scale
Qualification ·       Educational background

·       Years of experiences working with DHO

·       Past performance of similar work

35 (max points)
Technical Skill ·       Written test

·       Experience in HIV programs

    40 (max points)
Communication ·       Interpersonal skill

·       Good communication

·       Maintain partnership/relationship

25 (max points)
Total 100 points

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Qualified candidates may also be asked to complete a writing/editing test.

Required Documentation: Proposals must include the following components:

  • Applicant’s CV
  • Cover letter including stated position and location of work
  • Response SOW deliverable in each column and proposed daily rate, must be completed
  • 2 (two) references, including contact information
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