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[Application deadline]Minggu, 26 Juni 2016[Place of work] Surabaya and Jakarta, Indonesia[Background]Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) has been working in Indonesia since 2011 focusing on projects related to disasters. In 2016, HOT has the opportunity to do mapping in several cities in Indonesia, the first year we will be focusing on Jakarta and Surabaya. This 24-month project extension is designed to build upon the initial success of the USAID OFDA-funded, PDC-implemented InAWARE program as well as investments and activities carried out by DMInnovation (InaSAFE), HOT (OSM), and to build capacity to incorporate crowdsourced information into existing disaster monitoring and early warning platforms to increase capacity within Indonesia’s disaster management agencies at the national level (BNPB) and within selectes provincial centers (BPBD) for effective disaster early warning and decision making. Project outcomes include  enhanced capacity within BNPB for national-level disaster monitoring, early warning, and decision support; local community participation to supply needed information content via crowdsourcing  methods to provide up-to-date information on hazars and critical infrastructure; enhanced staff skill and capacity within relevant disaster management agencies for use of ICT-based tools for DM decision making.[Profile]This position will be responsible for checking the quality of the data collected and input during the Data Collection mapping:* Review data input by 5 mappers on the team* Responsible for data random check on the field one every 2 weeks* Create reports on quality of data being collected monthly* Develop procedures for checking data quality under the direction of the Mapping Supervisors [Eligibility Criteria]* 2 years of professional GIS and mapping experience* Undergraduate degree with a focus in GIS or Geography* Previous experience performing data quality checks* Fluent in Indonesian* 4 years experience using GIS software (before and after graduated from university)* Experience in using QGIS, OpenStreetMap, and InaSAFE is highly desired* Experience in disaster management, open data or open source is strongly desired [Practicalities]This position is based in Surabaya and Jakarta, Indonesia with the primary place of work being at an office that HOT provided. Housing in Surabaya will be provided. Currently the position is budgeted and approved for 5 months working in Surabaya and continue 5 months in Jakarta until mid 2017.To Apply, send your cover letter and CV to [email protected] by June 26th, 2016 with subject: [PutYourNameHere_DataValidator]
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