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The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Indonesia
program aims to conserve marine resources vital to the protection and
sustainability of a wide range of human activities and livelihoods.
Consequently, conservation efforts cannot be separated from the management of
fisheries or interaction with coastal communities. WCS employs a rigorous
scientific approach to build capacity, strengthen management and inspire
community stewardship for the protection and sustainable use of critical marine
ecosystems, fisheries and threatened species.

To achieve these goals, WCS are currently developing
networks of marine protected areas (MPAs)
seascapes in Aceh, Java, Sulawesi and the Sunda-Banda as part of our Seascapes

To complement these programs
we have initiated a Fisheries Program that aims to complement protected area
with the overall goal to improve fisheries management and ensure that sustainable fishing practices are adopted. To do so, we are
assisting in the improved management of the national Fishery Management Area
(FMA) governance system, with a focus on the government prioritized snapper and
grouper fishery in FMA 573 and more broadly in West Nusa Tenggara Province. WCS
is also investigating shark and ray fisheries in the region with the intent to
improve the sustainability of this fishery, build compliance with government
regulations and eliminate fishing of protected species. We collaborate closely
with governments, industry, NGOs including The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and
other experts to build a more effective collaboration for improvement in
fisheries governance.
implementation of WCSIP conservation and enforcement interventions have
significant implications for the livelihoods of local fishers, hence
appropriate mitigation measures need to be developed.

Specifically, we aim to reach this goal through the main objectives:
·        Build relationships among private
sector, community and government stakeholders to facilitate
the development of regulatory, institutional, and capacity building needs
required for improved fisheries management. Assist in the design and
establishment of fisheries management decision making bodies and provide
expertise to government and the private sector on fisheries regulations;
  • Assist
    in examining and evaluation of outcomes of surveys of fishing private
    sector and community perceptions, needs and incentives required to
    understand the socio-economic and governance factors that drive support
    for new fisheries regulations, to help adopt and support sustainable
    fisheries management approaches including development of fishery reserves
    and appropriate input/output controls;
  • Oversee
    development and management of fisheries monitoring and evaluation systems,
    traceability systems and database management and analyses for providing
    real-time information for fisheries policy and regulatory reform;
  • Ensure
    all fisheries monitoring has a robust design, is evaluated and databases
    are updated is able to feed data and information to the WCS Marine Program
    and associated NGO and government programs.
In order to support the program, WCS-IP is looking
for a strong and motivated
Trade and Monitoring Specialist
 who will perform his/her best
skill in this area to get best program achievement. Details vacant position as
Position:                 Fisheries Trade and Monitoring Specialist
Based in
:              Denpasar, Bali
Contract period:      1
year with possibility of an extension
Application Details
When you are interested in the above position and
consider that you possess the necessary qualification, please submit your job
application consisting of updated curriculum vitae, expected salary, three
professional references and a cover letter explaining your interest towards
this work and/or this organization to 
[email protected] . The email subject should be put
“Fisheries Trade and Monitoring Specialist “.
November 30th   , 2015
No correspondence, only short-listed
candidates will be notified.

For more
information about the vacant position and Wildlife Conservation Society –
Indonesia Program, please visit our website at 

Recruitment Dept.

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