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Environmental Economist

Job title     : Environmental
Location    : Jakarta,
Indonesia (with regular travel to Central and East Kalimantan)
Salary        : Competitive
Start date   : 11th
January 2016
End date    : 16th December 2016 (with
possibility of extension)
Full-time/part-time: A minimum of four days a week


Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) seeks to hire an Environmental Economist
to support their collaborative green growth program with the Government of
Indonesia (GoI).
is an international organization founded in June 2010. GGGI is
dedicated to pioneering and diffusing a new model of economic growth, known as
“green growth”. This simultaneously targets key aspects of economic
performance, such as poverty reduction, job creation, social inclusion and
those of environmental sustainability, such as mitigation of climate change and
security of access to clean water. GGGI’s approach is particularly suited to
developing countries because it starts from broad-based progress in living
standards and growth.
Since 2013, GGGI has worked in close
collaboration with the Government of Indonesia in the GoI-GGGI Green Growth
Program (GGP).
Jakarta office is offering a position within a varied and dynamic team, who
will play an integral role in supporting both GGGI’s national and sub-national
work with the GoI. The post holder
will support numerous activities under a variety of outputs across
the GoI-GGGI Green Growth Program.

The role will involve extensive travel to Central and East Kalimantan. 


environmental economist will play a central role within the GGGI Indonesia team
by providing technical assistance to the GoI at multiple levels on how to
achieve green growth. He/she will play in active role in identifying the
government’s economic development priorities and then providing advice on how
green growth can help achieve these goals. In addition, the environmental
economist will play an important role in GGGI’s capacity building efforts.
Further details of these engagement, technical and training responsibilities
are defined below.


1.  Supporting
sub-national governments to mainstream green growth into their development
plans by producing technical inputs, including green growth concepts,
narrative, targets, indicators, policies and programs, and providing capacity
building related to this work
2.  Supporting GGGI’s sub-national
counterparts in Central and East Kalimantan to advance the recommendations from
previous eCBA studies and to institutionalize the eCBA approach
3.  Refine the Green Growth Assessment
Process (GGAP) and extended cost benefit analysis (eCBA) tool to help policy
makers and practitioners how to systematically improve green growth performance
in project development
4.  Supporting the development of an SEZ
handbook/guidelines for policy-makers and develop targeted training materials
from the handbook
5.  Identifying opportunities to mainstream
the GGAO/eCBA tool into government processes and developing targeted training
materials on this topic
6.  Leading training workshops at the
national and sub-national level to strengthen GoI counterparts’ capacity to use
the GGAP/eCBA tool
7.   Actively participating in
government-run workshops and FGDs related to the target development plans and
presenting GGGI’s mainstreaming advice
8.  Reviewing all of GGGI’s Indonesian
language technical briefs and communications products
9.   Working as part of the hybrid
teams that GGGI has established with each of our GoI counterparts at both the
national and sub-national level
As a
member of a small but diverse program team, the environmental economist will
have multiple responsibilities and will need to be flexible and responsive to
sometimes rapidly changing needs and tight deadlines.


·    Masters
degree in economics, preferably with a focus on environmental economics
·    More than 10
years of relevant professional experience, ideally with an international
organization or NGOs
·    Experience
of working directly with the Government of Indonesia, ideally at both the
national and sub-national level (especially in Central and East Kalimantan)
·    Ability to
develop and use economic assessment tools that value environmental and social
costs and benefits, for example extended cost benefit analysis (eCBA)
·    An excellent

network with the GoI related to environmental and economic policy

·    Outstanding
communications skills (oral and written Indonesian) and the ability to tell the
“green growth story” in a non-technical way to the right audience
·    Excellent
presentation and facilitation skills in Indonesian, and experience of leading

capacity building and training workshops

·    Prior
experience with GGGI would be a strong asset
·    Working
fluency in English
·    Ability to
deliver quality products independently with minimal supervision
successful candidate will have prior experience supporting a multi-cultural
team, work well under pressure and have a flexible approach to working. This is
a great opportunity to be a key part of GGGI’s global team during this formative phase
and beyond.
submit your application please send your CV with a brief
cover letter to: 
[email protected] 
by 10th
November 2015. 
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