[DevJobsIndo] Job Announcement: Sanitation Supply Chain Water Credit Officer


Job Announcement: Sanitation Supply Chain Water Credit Officer

Deadline for Applications: October 10, 2015

About Water.org

Water.org, a U.S.-based non-governmental organization working to increase access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Water.org has been in operation since 1990, implementing sustainable and scalable water and sanitation programs in conjunction with local NGOs and financial institutions. Water.org has pioneered its WaterCredit initiative over the last several years, which works by building the capacity of carefully selected local financial institutions to offer affordable financing for water and sanitation facilities. WaterCredit programs support financial institutions through a combination of financial assistance and technical support. Since 2003, Water.org has implemented WaterCredit programs with 66 partner financial institutions, facilitating 603,000 water and sanitation loans totaling over $128 million.
Water.org launched operations in Indonesia in early 2014 and seeks to build relationships with a broad range of financial institutions (microfinance institutions, commercial banks, BPRs, cooperatives) and water/sanitation service providers.
Water.org partner microfinance institutions (MFIs) design, pilot and launch loan products for financing the construction of household-level water/sanitation facilities such as toilets, septic tanks, wells, and piped water connections. As part of these programs, each MFI develops a strategy for engaging the water/sanitation supply chain to support client access to construction inputs and services.
There is very high demand for sanitation microloans among Water.org’s partner MFIs in Indonesia. The MFIs have taken a variety of different approaches to how they engage with the sanitation supply chain. For example, some MFIs are directly contracting the construction partners on behalf of clients, while others are empowering clients to select their own contractors. In all cases there is potential to further accelerate the construction of household sanitation facilities by providing additional support to the sanitation supply chains.
Water.org seeks to strengthen sanitation supply chain capacity in the operational areas of partner MFIs through two approaches:
1)Provide supply chain actors with technical and operational capacity building andfinancial management skills to maintain and scale their sanitation services. Capacitybuilding could be delivered by the partner MFI, directly by Water.org, or by a thirdparty.
2)Increase the flow of capital to finance the expansion of sanitation supply chainbusinesses. Investments could come from Water.org partner financial institutions ordirectly from Water.org.
To accomplish the above, Water.org will hire dedicated staff with technical expertise in this area.

Position Description

Water.org seeks a highly skilled and highly motivated WaterCredit Officer to support the launch
and implementation of sanitation supply chain capacity building and financing. This position will be based in Jakarta with regular travel throughout Indonesia. The WaterCredit Officer will report to the Indonesia Country Director.
The WaterCredit Officer will develop and manage supply chain focused programs in partnership with Indonesia and U.S.-based staff, including program and financial management, partner development, and program monitoring and evaluation. Major responsibilities include:
1) Improving coordination between partner MFIs and sanitation supply chains and building the capacity of supply chains in MFI operating areas. The focus area of work is to remove any existing bottlenecks to the scaling of sanitation microfinance and accelerate the impact of existing and future Water.org MFI programs.
2) Identifying opportunities for Water.org or local financial institution investment in the sanitation supply chain, such as manufacturers (e.g. squat pans, septic tanks, etc) and contractors (e.g. associations and networks of sanitation entrepreneurs). This area of work will identify new investment opportunities to increase the flow of capital to support the growth of the sanitation supply chain.

Detailed Tasks

Assess sanitation supply chains of partner MFIs and supply chain engagement model of each MFI. Identify the most critical supply chain bottlenecks.

 Conduct assessment the potential local supply chain providers in the MFI operating areas.
 Develop reports on each MFI’s supply chain situation and propose to Water.org colleagues a strategy and approach to resolve the critical supply chain bottlenecks.
 Working closely with Water.org WaterCredit Officers and Program Managers, develop a work plan specifically for improving sanitation supply chains which aligns with the MFIs existing WaterCredit programs and workplans.
 Work closely with sanitation supply chain providers to improve services and accelerate sanitation construction, particularly through collaboration with MFIs providing customer financing.
 Develop supply chain training materials and capacity building tools; Deliver trainings to supply chain providers in different areas.
 Support the supply chain providers to pilot new technologies and business models and evaluate pilot results.
 Conduct workshops to share lessons learned and best practices among sanitation supply chain providers.
 Analyze the supply chain bankability and identify the supply chain actors ready to access investment capital from local banks or Water.org.
 Identify potential FIs for supply chain investment, assess bank requirements for investment, present to FIs information about the supply chain market, build FI understanding of supply chain investment opportunities, and provide guidance to FIs in underwriting loans.
 Develop the sanitation supply chain program internal reporting and documentation.
 Collaborate with local organizations such as sanitation associations (PAPSIGRO, APPSANI), sanitation businesses, Dinkes /Puskesmas, Sanitarians, PU, Pokja AMPL/STBM program, and PKK.
 Act as a regular liaison between Water.org, partner financial institutions, sanitation supply chain and other stakeholders.
 Coordinate with local governments, NGOs, donors, MFIs/banks, community leaders to arrange relevant activities.
 Other duties as required by Supervisor.

Professional Qualifications

At least five years of relevant experience with water/sanitation supply sector and institutions, water and sanitation organizations, and/or related organizations

 Deep understanding of the landscape of sanitation provision in Indonesia, particularly the challenges constraining rural access
 Experience building the capacity of sanitation service providers including company registration, operations, management, and communication
 Familiarity with microfinance, particularly for water/sanitation or home improvement
 Strong understanding of supply chain business activity e.g. supply cycle, response cycle and delivery cycle and experience in purchasing and materials management distribution
 Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and English required
 Bachelor’s Degree in related field with demonstrated record of outstanding academic and career achievement
 Project management experience and entrepreneurial mindset
 Proven track record proactively identifying challenges and developing innovative solutions
 Demonstrated ability to deliver results working in a small team and playing a variety of roles
 Willingness to travel
 Advanced Excel skills


This is a one year contract position with strong potential for extension and competitive compensation commensurate with experience.

Application Information

Interested candidates may send a copy of their CV and a cover letter indicating their interest to:

Applications will be reviewed as they are received. Please do not attempt to contact Water.org about the status of your application.
Water.org is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, ethnicity, gender, nationality, religious belief or sexual orientation.

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