[DevJobsIndo] RFP: Research Consultant Scoping Study on Nutrition in Indonesia

The 2015 Global Nutrition report makes it clear that global progress
to reduce malnutrition has been slow and uneven. Nearly half of all
countries face multiple serious burdens of malnutrition such as poor
child growth, micro nutrient deficiency, and adult overweight and

obesity. No country is on track to achieve the global nutrition targets
established by the World Health Assembly. Some countries, however, have
made notable progress and the Report seeks to understand the factors
that contributed to improvements. Poor nutrition in the first 1,000 days
of children’s lives can have irreversible consequences such as

A National Plan for Food and Nutrition (NPFN) (2011-2015) is in
place. The plan is in line with the National Midterm Development Plan
(2010-2014). A national action plan on nutrition is currently being
developed to ensure alignment with the 2015 – 2019 National Midterm
Development Plan.

Considering current situation of nutrition problem in Indonesia, Save
the Children wants to organize a policy research in order to better
understand its root causes. In order to achieve this purpose, Save the
Children is seeking a consultant to conduct a scoping study on nutrition
during the first 1,000 days, focusing on policies and their
implementation both at national and sub national level.

We are seeking for Research Consultant Scoping Study on Nutrition in Indonesia

For more information please visit : https://indonesia.savethechildren.net/jobs/job-details/300


Send the electronic copy of your proposal and the Expression of Interest form and CV to: [email protected]
with a Subject: SS Nutrition- <your company> with the latest
date:  18 November  2015 Jakarta Time. Please do not send after this

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