[DevJobsIndo] [WWF Indonesia Vacancy] Species Conservation Officer – Palangka Raya

If you care about the environment
and want to contribute to conservation efforts in Indonesia, this is the
opportunity for you to join the largest national conservation organizations in
Indonesia. WWF-Indonesia, an independent national conservation organizations
and is part of a global network of WWF. WWF-ID are currently seeking for the
best candidates for the position of: Species Conservation Officer

This position will be based in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan
and report to Technical Support
. The job holder will be responsible to
provide operational support for WWF Indonesia
through executing the tasks / responsibilities within the area with regard to the
conservation of
species through
restoration of orangutan
and other key species,
activity monitoring, surveying,
law enforcement, and increased awareness
for the multi-stakeholder, encouraging best practices in the management unit through
mainstreaming the protection
key species in the working area in order to ensure the implementation and / or the requirements of conservation
and sustainable development can be accomplished within the time specified in TN.
Sebangau and Arabela Project
Requirements for This Position are:
  • At least S1 majoring in Biology, Forestry and Environmental
Interested applicants should send
their CV and Cover Letter to [email protected] with the subject: SCO PR.
Interested candidates is also required to fill out the online profile on
WWF Indonesia Recruitment portal on: http://recruitment.wwf.or.id/ . Please
be advised that the submission of online profile is mandatory.

Applications will be closed 7 days after the publication of this advertisement
(November 6th). Please note that only short-listed applicants meeting the above
requirements will be contacted.

Be a part of us, who is
currently working in 28 regions in 17 provinces
from Aceh to Papua, with more than
500 sttaff and supported by more
than 64,000 supporters in Indonesia. WWF Indonesia also works
with governments, local communities, private sector, NGOs, civil
society, and the public at large.
Ari Wijanarko Adipratomo, A+, A.A
Young Adult Member, Asia Pacific Region Scout Bureau (Financial Resources Sub Committee)
Gerakan Pramuka of Indonesia, 3 Beads Wood badger (Bear Patrol, Staff WB C-25-07)
Member of APR’s Association of Top Achievers Scout #387

Associate of Art from the Harry S.Truman College, Chicago
Head of Delegation For the Republic of Georgia in AMUN conference 2007
Staff of The APR Course for Leader Trainer (4 Beads WB/KPL) 2008
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