Request For Proposals (RFP) : No. Req-Jakarta-0354 : “Graphic Designer of WASH CSR Promotion Book”

Dear All,

the implementer of the “USAID-funded Indonesia Urban Water,
Sanitation, and Hygiene (IUWASH) Project” invites qualified offerors to submit
proposals to supply and deliver “Graphic Designer of CSR WASH Promotion Bookin support of
program implementation.  

The Indonesia Urban Water Sanitation and
Hygiene (IUWASH) project is a five-year program funded by the United States
Agency for International Development (USAID). IUWASH supports the Indonesian
government to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) target for
drinking water and sanitation services living in
urban areas in Indonesia. IUWASH works with government, private sector, NGOs,
community groups and service providers to achieve the following principle

  • 2,000,000 people in urban area have access to safe drinking
    water service
  • 250,000 people in urban area have access to improved
    sanitation system



IUWASH support local governments to encourage
private sector to support the partnerships program through Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR). IUWASH support is to increase
capacity of CSR Forum, so that CSR forum becomes an
independent and sustainable institution, able to bring innovative partnerships,
especially in water and sanitation with funding from
company’s CSR. IUWASH implement CSR Forum capacity building programs in 6 locations.

Many local
governments have not yet formed a CSR
forum, but some of them have already included local
regulations related to CSR program development. The existence
of CSR forum in several locations is very
positive. Involvement and openness of companies, governments and communities,
in establishing and managing a
CSR forum is very important. The CSR Forum needs to be
a ‘home’ for the company, so there is trust and confidence to allocate funds
for the development of society through this CSR forum. On
the other hand, the government should also be an
important partner in the forum, so that it can (in
accordance with the legislation) support forums budget for both daily operational
as well as activities support. Also the general society (CBO, local NGO, etc) are an important
part of CSR forum to explore and articulate priority needs and write it into proposals to be financing through the CSR forum.  

IUWASH has now started
to document the step-by-step
approach of the CSR forum capacity building program, including success
stories , lesson learned as well as a menu
of WASH program possibilities, which it can be a reference for local
government, members, private companies and also staff
of CSR forum.  It is
now looking for a professional vendor to assist in the finalization of the CSR WASH Promotion Book, especially
regarding the final graphic designs of the book


Purpose of this sub contract

Provide the final Graphic Design of the IUWASH CSR WASH Promotion Book


To support the IUWASH CSR staff into finalizing the CSR WASH Promotion Book,  so that the final result has an an atrractive lauout and format, to facilitate easy
reference guide and agenda for members of the local CSR forum, private sector,
local NGO’s and other interested parties.

This subcontract is
supporting IUWASH outcomes  IC 4 (Raw
Water / Climate Change); IC 5 (implementation of Sanitation activities) and EE
3 (leverage finance for WASH programs)

For those mentioned subject, IUWASH inviting you to submit proposal, detail Scope of Work (SoW), etc please find :

Thank you very much for your kind attention

Sincerely yours,

IUWASH Procurement

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