EoI – Facilitation Skills Training Provider (TATTs)

  Expressions of Interest: Facilitation Skills Training Provider IndonesiaCardno isa professional infrastructure and environmental services company, withspecialist expertise in the development and improvement of physical and socialinfrastructure for communities around the world. Cardno’s team includes leading professionals who plan, design,manage and deliver sustainable projects and community programs. Cardno Emerging Markets USA, Ltd., a part of theCardno Group (Cardno) is currently seekingExpressions of Interest (EoIs) for a facilitation skill training provider for theUSAID/OFDA-funded InstitutionalizingDisaster Preparedness and Management Capacity of BPBDs in Indonesia throughTechnical Assistance and Training Teams (TATTs). This program aims to increasethe institutional and technical capacity of provincial disaster managementagencies (BPBDs) in eight (8) provinces: Papua, West Papua, Maluku, NorthMaluku, Southeast Sulawesi, Central Java, East Java and West Sumatra.The TATTsProgram started in October 2014 and works in partnership with the NationalDisaster Management Agency (BNPB). The program seeks to support the provincialBPBDs through technical assistance and technical training to improve deliveryof inclusive DRM services. A specialist TATTs team is embedded within theoffices of each of the provincial BPBD. These teams are responsible foridentifying the key organizational, institutional and technical challengesfacing the BPBDs and assisting them on a day-to-day basis. The TATTs Programworks with BNPB’s Training and Education Centre (Pusdiklat) to deliver national training to provinces and districts.At the same time TATTs develops local networks of trainers and facilitators tosupport the future sustainability of capacity development initiatives.As a member ofthe TATTs Consortium led by Mercy Corps, Cardno is responsible for theprovision of professional Short-Term Technical Assistance to provide theprogram with high standard specialists for the delivery of technical andnon-technical outputs. This EoI is designed to identify a single provider orgroup of individuals to provide facilitator skills training support to TATTs overthe life of the program (currently until 30 April 2017).Cardno isseeking submissions from interested providers or individual consultantsinterested in this opportunity. It is expected that the successful provider orindividual consultants will provide up to six facilitator skills trainings toTATTs target BPBDs and other relevant stakeholders. There may be scope foradditional inputs in line with TATTs program requirements. A Master Agreementwill be maintained and managed by Cardno and the TATTs Jakarta management willbe responsible for identifying facilitator skills training requirements as theyarise.All EoI’sshould be submitted to [email protected] later than 18 March 2016 and should include a cover letter and a short Expressionof Interest (no more than 5 pages) using the attached template that outlines:
– Relevant professionalbackground and experience in the delivery of facilitation skills training;
– Training methodology;
– Staff / trainer capacity;
– Indicative budget.
Indonesianproviders or individuals are particularly encouraged to submit an Expression ofInterest for this opportunity.General Requirements:The provider, individual or consortium ofindividuals is expected to fulfill the following requirements: A minimum 5 years experience infacilitation and training;
– Experience implementing USAID or other donor funded programs inIndonesia;
– Experienceworking with national and sub-national governments in Indonesia;
– Aproven understanding of capacity building;
– Experiencefacilitating multi-sectoral stakeholders including government, civil societyand the private sector;
– Strongcommunication skills and ability to implement the training in Bahasa Indonesia;
– Teammembers or staff with Disaster Risk Management experience and background and/or understanding of the DRM architecture in Indonesia;
– Teammembers with a strong understanding of the challenges of decentralization inIndonesia;
– Team members possess a degree ina relevant field;
– Experienceworking in isolated provinces will be beneficial;
– Knowledgeand understanding of BNPB’s Training and Education Center (Pusdiklat) trainingmaterials, curriculum and modules will be beneficial. 

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