Finance Supervisor

Job Description

  1. Part of the Team to develop proposal.
  2. Work closely with program department to maintain grantee.
  3. Responsible for financial management including mechanisms for disbursing funds, reporting, documentation and reporting to the Administration and Finance Manager.
  4. Supervise fund management at the PR, SR and SSR levels in a transparent and accountable manner.
  5. Carry out fund management at the Spiritia in accordance with the PIM.
  6. Ensuring the flow of financial reporting according to the rules to ensure transparency.
  7. Coordinate the quarterly, semi-annual and annual financial monitoring mechanism for all SRs and SSRs as needed.
  8. Assisting the Accounting Supervisor in preparing the making of a variance analysis of financial reports.
  9. Helping the Finance Manager to conduct an investigation if there are indications of financial mismanagement or problems with the use of other funds in SR and implementing partners.
  10. Ensuring that all financial data, financial regulations and financial reports are available for audit purposes.
  11. Monitor the financial management of recipients of funds.
  12. Ensuring the availability of funds for program and operational activities.
  13. Supervise petty cash management.
  14. Maintain relationship with the bank.
  15. Perform periodic physical cash cheque.

Job Requirements

  1. At least 8 years’ experience as Finance Supervisor/ Finance Coordinator at national level.
  2. Have strong budgeting skill and understand how to implement Standard Biaya Masukan by Government
  3. More preferable have an experience with an international donor.
  4. Can work independently and as a team member
  5. Excellent integrity
  6. Good interpersonal skill
  7. Know about Tax regulation
  8. Know about Risk Mitigation
  9. Good communication skill

How to Apply

Drop your cv and motivation letter (max 500 words) via email to [email protected]  with subject format:

Finance SPV – Name

Example: Finance SPV – Ayu

The vacancy will be closed on 8 july 2024

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