ICT SUPPORT
The ASEAN Foundation was established in December 1997 by ASEAN Foreign Ministers in
fulfillment of the decision of the ASEAN Leaders. It is a non-profit ASEAN body
under the ASEAN Charter and is mandated to promote greater awareness of ASEAN
and greater interaction among the peoples of ASEAN, as well as their wider
participation in ASEAN activities.
The ASEAN Foundation is located in Jakarta, Indonesia.  More information can be found at http://www.aseanfoundation.org
We have a network operations center (NOC) consisting of six servers that
we host in our office. The ICT equipment consists of 2 HP laptops and 35 desktops
and 7 printers and WiFi networks.  In
terms of software, commercial application such as MS Office, Bitdefender anti-virus
and Skype are main applications.   Backup is done monthly and stored on the
server and an external hard disk drive.  The
ASEAN Foundation has 15 users plus the ICT training room that use the backbone
infrastructure for which ICT support is needed. 
This is further depicted in the network diagram.
The ASEAN Foundation seeks to outsource
its ICT support services mainly consisting of help desk support. Currently, the
ASEAN Foundation supports its own email server and its website is hosted on its
server. Having a reliable internet connection and availability of connectivity
is of critical importance to the proper operation of the organisation.
Under the supervision of the Head of Finance and Administration and with guidance from the
Executive Director, the support services will consist of help desk support and
availability of such support during the office working hours from 08:30 to
16:30. A dedicated hotline should also be provided and available after office
The technician assigned should be
available on request for providing trouble shooting services. Troubleshooting
can be provided via phone or onsite depending on the nature of the request. In
case of onsite intervention is required, the technician should be onsite the
soonest possible.
Apart from the troubleshooting
problems, the technician is required to come onsite, on a monthly basis for the
verification of backup server data and to perform maintenance of the system,
checking updated anti-virus and deployment on all M/Cs, adding users to
AD/installation of software and equipment as requested.  The technician should provide interventions
reports for all onsite support provided.
The technician should also make recommendation
to improve the system. 
User Support
Troubleshoot users in MS office, MS outlook and other related standard
applications available on the market, remotely by phone or onsite
Troubleshoot and support staff with hardware problem, printing, scanning
documents and other support
Ensure that the organisation’s hardware and software are safe, well
maintained, properly protected (power surge, virus, etc) and updated with
latest patches for optimal performance
File Servers administration
Create/maintain user/groups account as required and ensure proper access

to folders and files
Install necessary updates, including antivirus updates and patches as
appropriate and maintain security of the ICT infrastructure
Ensure UPS/routers/modems/DVR and other equipment in the server room and
the office are up an functional
Verify backup of data on servers
Internet Connectivity and Local Networks

Ensure connectivity is fully functional and liaise with service providers
for optimal performance and troubleshooting
Ensure LAN and Wifi connections are up and running optimally
Perform bandwidth monitoring
Carry out IT infrastructure audit within one year of the contract period,
to improve the systems and procedures at the ASEAN Foundation, and should
support implementation and deployment of ICT system as recommended. This could
cover-    the existing intranet and internet including
the AF Local Area Network (LAN) in the most cost-effective manner. ·     
the internet server, web server, firewall
server, DNS server, file server, mail servers, etc., in most cost-effective
safeguards against breach of network
security, and perform network penetration test periodically; check for systems
vulnerabilities and conduct security audits;
user’s rights allocation to file
servers, user accounts, as well as e‐mail accounts
Proper administrative follow up on
ICT matters
Assist in updating existing ICT plans

and standards operating procedures

An office IT systems administration
that is efficient in order to enable the staff members to work productively and
Intervention report for all
onsite support
Log of assistance provided
on monthly basis, capturing date of intervention, time spent nature of
intervention, and user supported.
Back up all the systems and
files in order to prevent the system from the hazardous circumstances.
Review report of the IT
infrastructure system to provide proper ICT support services
Request for user support
should be logged and attended within a minimum of 2 hours for onsite
Creation of new users to be
performed on the same day the request is made if received in the morning, or
the next day if received in the afternoon.
The company should be registered with a
minimum of 3 years providing similar support services
The company’s technician should have a
Bachelor’s degree in an ICT related area with three years’ of experience in
user support environment.
The company’s technician should have experience
with multiple server platform (Windows Server,
Linux, Solaris) and experience with server’s
applications: Checkpoint Firewall, BIND DNS Server, DHCP Server, Apache Web
Server, Microsoft Exchange, FreeNAS
The company’s technical should have
good written and oral communication skills in English

All interested companies
to send proposal with the following documents to [email protected]:
reputation of ICT firm i.e. at least
three (3) references/letters of recommendations and documentation of years of
establishment (between 3 to 5 years)
curriculum vitae of at least 2
technicians highlighting years of experience in network, server administration,
user support, administrative support and proficiency in English  
financial proposal with monthly fees
for support services; rate per hour for support provided beyond the support
hours (quota) included in the monthly fee; rate per hour for support falling
outside the office hours; and the number of days and fee to carry out the IT
infrastructure audit.
The contract will
be initially for one (1) year duration, and renewable up to three years subject
to satisfactory performance.
27 December 2015 Please visit our website:http://www.aseanfoundation.org/job/ict-support-services

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