GGGI vacancy : Junior Environmental Economist In East Kalimantan

Job Title : Junior Environmental Economist
Location : East Kalimantan
Start date : March 14, 2016
End date : December 31, 2016 (with
possible extension)
Type of contract : Consultant
Period : 160 days

  Background The Global Green Growth
Institute (GGGI) seeks to hire a Junior Environmental Economist to support
their collaborative green growth program with the Government of Indonesia (GoI)
in East Kalimantan (EK). 

GGGI is an international
organization founded in June 2010 ( GGGI is dedicated to pioneering and
diffusing a new model of economic growth, known as “green growth”. This
simultaneously targets key aspects of economic performance, such as poverty
reduction, job creation, social inclusion and those of environmental
sustainability, such as mitigation of climate change and security of access to
clean water. GGGI’s approach is particularly suited to developing countries
because it starts from broad-based progress in living standards and growth.
Since 2013, GGGI has worked in close collaboration with the Government of
Indonesia in the GoI-GGGI Green Growth Program (GGP). The Jakarta office is offering
a consultant position within a varied and dynamic team, who will play an
integral role in supporting GGGI’s sub-national work with EK province and
selected district governments, such as Kutai Timur (KIPI Maloy), Mahakam Ulu,
and Penajam Paser Utara (Kariangau and Buluminung). The post holder will be
based in Samarinda to support mainstreaming of green growth. The position will
have dual-reporting lines to GGGI’s provincial and Jakarta offices.  Role overview He/She will play an active
role in identifying the East Kalimantan government’s economic development priorities,  provide information on how green growth can
help achieve these goals, and provide data for economic valuation. In addition,
he/she will support  GGGI’s capacity
building efforts through workshop/FGD preparation. The position is also
expected to support relevant program activities in East Kalimantan as needed.   Key responsibilities 1.      
Senior GGGI’s Environmental Economist to work closely with local governments to
mainstream green growth into their development plans by providing data,
information, engagement/represent GGGI in technical meeting on  green economic growth/regional planning with
related stakeholders. 2.      
opportunities to mainstream green growth in East Kalimantan program/ project development,
including in selected districts. 3.      
in government-run workshops and FGDs related to the target development plans. 4.      
as part of the hybrid teams that GGGI has established with each of our GoI
counterparts  at  sub-national level. As a supporting member of a
small but diverse program team, he/she 
will have multiple responsibilities and will need to be flexible and
responsive to sometimes rapidly changing needs and tight deadlines.

 Qualifications –      
in economics, preferably with a focus on environmental economics or economic
3 years of relevant experience, ideally with an international organization or
knowledge and experience in using economic assessment tools that value
environmental and social costs and benefits.–      
communications skills, working fluency in English.–      
to deliver quality products independently. 
Applicants must hold exemplary
and relevant academic credentials as described above. To submit your
application please send a cover letter describing why you are most
suitable for the position attaching your latest CV to Gema Junita ([email protected]) by March 5, 2016.

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