Individual Consultant for WASH Demand Activator Capacity Building

Project/Consultancy Title: Individual Consultant for WASH Demand Activator Capacity Building

Project Location(s): Probolinggo City and Probolinggo District




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Indonesia has made considerable progress in the water supply and sanitation sector over the past twenty years. As part of its “Vision 2045,” Indonesia seeks to enhance water security and achieve SDG targets related to access to safe water and sanitation for all, with the following interim mid-term development targets by 2024: 100 percent access to improved water supply system, including 15 percent access to safely managed drinking water supply services; 10 million new water connections; 90 percent access to improved sanitation services, including 15 percent access to safely managed sanitation; 100 percent open defecation free; 20 percent solid waste reduced at source, and 80 percent solid waste handled.


Given the need for massive investment in WASH infrastructure and broad changes in individual and collective behaviors to achieve the countries targets by 2024, the involvement of communities, households, and the private sector will be pivotal at every stage. Closing the financing gap will require diverse resource investments, reducing costs, increasing tariff, taxes, and transfers, and exploring alternative financing tools. Market-based solutions that can connect unserved and underserved populations to WASH products and services may help close this financing gap.


Purpose / Project Description


The overall goal of USAID IUWASH Pasar is to catalyze and grow local markets for water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) products and services in Indonesia’s vulnerable urban areas. To achieve the overall goal, the Project will focus on the following three main objectives:

  • Improve business environment to foster greater private sector contribution for WASH services and products.
  • Enhance viability of WASH businesses and increase availability of affordable, desirable WASH products and services to underserved market segments.
  • Improved key WASH behaviors for increased demand with correct and consistent use of WASH products and services.


Apart from strengthening viable business actors, another key component in the WASH market system is demand activation activities. Based on market assessments that have been carried out at six IUWASH Market project locations, it has been identified that cadres under the coordination of community health centers are potential elements to carry out the role as demand activators. The role of cadres as promotional agents for increasing WASH access is a key element of household information sources related to health topics and WASH access. The extension of the role and capacity of cadres as demand activators will be carried out through a series of capacity strengthening activities.


In the future, it is projected that cadres will be the spearhead of demand activators for various WASH products in the context of the WASH market system. To achieve this, the realization of cadres as demand activators will be carried out through various phases.

  1. Phase-1 aims to build cadre capacity in a limited area, namely in Probolinggo City an District to support achieving ODF status. Learning at phase-1 will be input for improvement before entering phase-2.
  2. Phase-2 aims to expand the cadre network to other work areas, namely Blitar Regency, Parepare City, Sidrap Regency and Wajo Regency, including expansion within the Probolinggo City and District area. Phase-2 is carried out after first ensuring that there are WASH products/services that will be marketed in the area with local business partners as product/service providers.
  3. Phase-3 aims to strengthen capacity regarding new WASH products which will be helped to market by IUWASH Pasar throughout the region.


Sustained efforts to expand and strengthen the demand activators network will be carried out through collaboration with market aggregator platforms which will also function as business development services (BDS).


Assignment Objective


IUWASH Pasar wants to contract the services of an individual consultant with relevant expertise and experience in developing strategies for increasing WASH product demand activators’ capacity through identifying required skills to perform as part of local network of WASH market players, preparing curriculum, developing modules, and establishing and delivering strengthening capacity events through and delivering training, coaching, and mentoring. Consultant is also expected to facilitate demand activators who have been trained into the network of local WASH market actors who are part of the IUWASH market intervention project including – without limitation – WASH business actors and local financial institutions. This will be done within the market aggregator platform mechanism as an entity that will be formed by IUWASH Pasar to facilitate strengthening the WASH market system. The consultant will be based in Surabaya with the main work area covering Probolinggo Regency (Phase-1 – focus on on-site sanitation construction business) and will work in Jakarta at any time as needed.


Scope of Work


  1. Identify the knowledge and skill needs for cadres to be able to act as demand activators for WASH products and services. This is done by reviewing the WASH market system model that will be implemented by IUWASH Pasar and experience from various similar projects including the IUWASH Plus Project.
  2. Develop work mechanisms (in the form of SOPs) as a form of collaboration between demand activators and local sanitation entrepreneurs. A work mechanism that connects the demand activation process by trained cadres to the delivery of products/services by local sanitation entrepreneurs. This work mechanism includes – and is not limited to – the flow of information, activity schedules (promotions, sales calls), incentives, and monitoring product/service delivery and handling customer complaints.
  3. Develop a strategy for strengthening the capacity of demand activators that includes topics and channels for strengthening capacity that are effective in reaching and monitoring demand activator actors as targets. Capacity strengthening mechanisms at least include training, coaching and mentoring in the form of face-to-face meetings or other communication media that are considered relevant and effective.
  4. Develop curriculum and modules as well as relevant supporting materials to strengthen capacity in accordance with previously formulated strategies. The curriculum includes – and is not limited to – knowledge and skills about access to safe sanitation, on-site toilet construction products, promotions, sales techniques, networking with local entrepreneurs, and motivation building.
  5. Become a resource person and facilitator for the demand activator training that will be carried out by the IUWASH Pasar regional team as an activity attached to this consultant assignment.
  6. Carrying out further capacity strengthening after training in the form of coaching and mentoring to cadres who have been trained. Consultants are expected to create a monitoring mechanism that can provide initial information about cadre performance as demand aggregators as a basis for conducting coaching and mentoring.
  7. Ensure coordination and communication with the regional IUWASH market team under the coordination of the Central IUWASH Market Team.
  8. Document the lessons learned from implementing phase-1 activities as input for implementing phase-2.


Consultant Deliverables


The consultant will be responsible for the following Tasks with deliverables & outputs:


  1. Identify knowledge and skill needs for cadre to perform as demand activator

List of capacity building topics that includes – not limited to – access to safe sanitation, on-site toilet construction products, promotions, sales techniques, networking with local entrepreneurs, and motivation building


  1. Develop business process that connects the demand activation process by trained cadres to the delivery of products/services by local sanitation entrepreneurs

Simple (level-1) standard operating procedure (SOP) of:

  • Collecting prospect customers
  • Promotion / generate leads
  • Sales acquisition
  • Monitoring and complain handling


  1. Develop capacity building strategy for demand activators which also includes curriculum and modules as well as relevant supporting materials

Capacity building strategy document to also covers:

  • Training curriculum
  • Training modules and supporting materials
  • Monitoring performance of demand activators
  • Coaching and mentoring mechanism

Topics covers knowledge and/or skill on safe sanitation, on-site toilet construction products, promotions, sales techniques, networking with local entrepreneurs, and motivation building.


  1. Deliver capacity building activities to demand activators
  • Become a resource person and facilitator for the demand activator training
  • Coaching and mentoring to cadres who have been trained based on input from performance monitoring of trained cadres
  • Coaching and mentoring reports
  • Demand activators performance report
  1. Document lessons learned as input to phase-2 of demand activators capacity building
  • Lesson learned document in word and power point format
  • Refine curriculum and modules


The Consultant Working Period


The timeframe of this consultancy will effectively start from June to September, 2024 with a maximum of 40 (forty) working days. These 40 working days will be allocated for activities in achieving the above listed deliverables.


The Consultant Fee and Payment Mechanism


Interested consultants are expected to submit fee offers for the 40 working day period from June 10 to September 30 2024. Payment will be delivered twice made based on the achievement of each deliverable as evidenced by the acceptance of outputs requested (see deliverables above) with the following arrangement:

  • Payment-1: deliverables for Task #1, 2, and 3
  • Payment-2: deliverables for Task #4 and 5


Travel Allocation


The consultant will be based in Surabaya. The consultant must be willing to travel for a minimum of 15 days to project target location in Probolinggo City and Probolinggo District. Travel costs will be provided allocated separately by IUWASH Pasar.


Reporting and Work Arrangement


The consultant will report to the PIC assigned for this consultancy, WASH Product Development Advisor. The Consultants will work very closely with Objective-2 Lead and Objective-3 Lead, and regional team of IUWASH Pasar East Java.


Required Experience and Skills


  • Master degree holder in business management or human resources development or any relevant degree
  • A minimum of 10 (ten) years of experience in developing capacity building strategy for SMEs especially in the area of product promotion and selling skills preferably in sanitation development program.
  • A minimum of 5 (five) years experiences in managing sales force in consumer/ commercial product marketing.
  • More than 5 (five) years of experience as a trainer, mentor and coach for SME development especially in the topics of selling skills and motivation building. Preferably for applicants who have BNSP (National Professional Certification Agency) certification.
  • Familiar with sanitation topics and have significant experience working with local sanitation entrepreneurs and promotion division of health office specifically health center (puskesmas).
  • Having good communication, presentation, organizational and interpersonal skills including problem-solving skills, being proactive and taking initiative.
  • Proficiency in using MS word, Excel, PowerPoint as needed.

How to Apply

Prospective candidates shall email their proposal including price offered and Curriculum Vitae to [email protected] before May 24th , 2024. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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