Program for Young Researchers – Yayasan Cipta Cara Padu
Yayasan Cipta Cara Padu YCCP), a
local non-profit  organization in the
field of  public health communication, in
collaboration with the University College of Dublin will carry out research as
part of the Preparedness and Resilience to address Urban Vulnerabilities (PRUV)
program. The program itself aims to improve preparedness and resilience of
urban areas, which  is heavily influenced
by the rapid urbanization, climate change and resource constraints. The program
includes a research and training to cross learning among researchers from  Universities in various European countries.
The program will be held in Nairobi (Kenya), Bogota (Columbia) and Jakarta
(Indonesia). For Jakarta, the research will focus on studying the preparedness
and resilience of urban areas, particularly related to public health.With these in mind, Yayasan Cipta
Cara Padu is holding a selection for Young Researcher candidate who will be
joining in the ‘on the job training’ in the PRUV program at the University
College of Dublin during the months of October-November 2016 and performing the
internships between 2 to 3  months for
the research follow up. In addition, after the completion of the internship,
the  candidate shall also have  a great opportunity to be placed within other
YCCP’s programs.The Young Researcher  candidate
 are expected to meet  the following criteria:

  1. Graduated
     Bachelor Degree (S1)  or  post
    graduate student (S2 – S3) from an accredited university, with an educational
    background in the area of ​​Public Health / Communications, with IPK / IPS minimum
    of 3,00.
  2. Ability
    to  actively speak and write in English,
    and possess TOEFL / IELTS  with minimum
    score of 500 / 6.0.
  3. Have
    at least 2 years experience in the field of social research.
  4. Have
    the ability to write reports in both Bahasa Indonesia and English
  5. Ability
    to operate computer and working knowledge of ‘Microsoft Office’ such as  Words, Powerpoint, Excell softwares.
  6. Possess
    good presentation skills, communication and interpersonal skills.
  7.  Ability
    to express opinions logically and clearly,  possess well negotiation and lobbying skills.
  8. Willing
    to stay in Dublin Ireland during  the
    month of  October to November 2016 and
    the possibility of performing research in other countries as well.
  9. Experience

    in previous similar program is a great advantage

  10. Independent, pro-active and has  a broad network.

If you are interested, please feel free to send your CV and
intention letter in English to be sent to: [email protected] by
stating INTERN – ‘your name’  in the
subject line of e-mail.
This opportunity will be closed on 12 September 2016. Only
qualified candidates with relevant background and  experience will be contacted by YCCP.                                                                                      ==

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