MSI/SIAP 1 Vacancy: Film Editor for video documentary

Management Systems
International, Inc
Integrity and Accountability Program 1 (SIAP 1)
Support for the Corruption Eradication
 Terms of Reference Position                            : Film editor for video
documentaryName of Activities      : Best Practice
of Local Government ManagementWorking Period                           : March – May 2016Languages Required : English/Indonesian Background and ObjectivesLocal governments have the obligation of
providing a safe environment, operating in an efficient manner, balancing
budgets, implementing varying levels of citizen engagement, and providing

efficient services. In early 2016, SIAP 1 will engage in a limited pilot
activity to identify, collect, and share best practices of several local
governments with the aim of being able to replicate them in other locations,
especially as there will be more than 250 new elected leaders by April 2016. MSI-SIAP 1 will produce a video documentation
that will be disseminated to those leaders but not limited to public. The documentary
is expected to encourage the leaders to implement good governance and for the
public to support the government to do so. Therefore, MSI-SIAP 1 seeks to hire a film editor,
along with other team members individual to provide a video documentary to
further support the dissemination of the best practices in local governments. The
individuals will work in close coordination with MSI-SIAP1 team and one of the
GOI agencies, who will review the work before final changes are accepted. OBJECTIVESThe objectives of
this project are to:1.       Document the
methodology and the transformation process of how the leading local governments
apply its best practices2.       Emphasize visual concept
of how the leading local governments are able to overcome their challengesTECHNICAL
The Documentary production will be conducted in March – May. The film editor’s scope of works is as follows:Production–         
Assist the
film director in consisting information that is beneficial to the targeted
audience into the film–         
Ensuring recording levels for filming are all of a very good qualityPost-production–         
Edit the film and take charge of the storyboarding–         
Ensure that audio track fits the visual well–         
Produce suitable title and credit sequences for the film–         
Work closely
with other team members to construct the shots in correct sequence and provide appropriate
transitions and special effects if required QUALIFICATIONS
Individual/professional services–         
Ability to
effectively communicate concepts in graphic, visual means–         
Experience creating
compelling and appealing video documentary/film–         
Ability to
work in a team, fast-paced environment with enforced deadlines DELIVERABLES–         
documentations in raw, HD, and DVD format.  –         
The final
result of films will be owned by MSI SIAP 1 and KPK and the selected offeror
will be responsible to give up the production and distribution rights to
MSI-SIAP 1.Applicants are requested to send
following documents to MSI SIAP-1:·   CV/
Resume and Portfolio·   Budget
estimation (all inclusive)·   Please
indicate “Film Editor” as the subject of your email addressed to [email protected] no
later than February 27, 2016

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