Readvertise-Communiction Expert Consultant

USAID CEGAHTerms of Reference (ToR) Title                                   : Communication ExpertDuration of Contract       : 15 daysWorking Period               : September – October 2016 BackgroundAct No. 5 Year 2014 on the Civil Service is a key driver to promote reforms on how the civil service is managed. The Law has established the Civil Service Commission (Komisi Aparatur Sipil Negara/KASN) to ensure the implementation of merit principles in all phases of human resource management of the civil service, especially in the recruitment and placement of approximately 12,000 senior executive staff (JPT) in all government institutions, and to supervise the implementation of the codes of ethics and conduct.As a recently established agency, KASN is in need of support to build its institutional capacity, particularly its communication capacity. Communications play a crucial role for influencing governance relationship, connecting KASN with the civil servants and related stakeholders, and increasing citizen’s awareness and participation to oversee the civil service code of conduct. Currently, KASN has four main platforms for their public outreach: website, twitter, Facebook and YouTube, while they are also utilizing their offline communication through socialization or other public outreach events. KASN has reached 599 followers on Twitter and 1,373 likes on Facebook. However, KASN faces some obstacles in maximizing and integrating the online & offline communication platform. In this regard, USAID CEGAH plans to engage an Indonesian expert to assess the effectiveness of KASN’s current communication programs and platforms (including priorities, target audience(s), messages, types of media platforms). It includes determining whether the current communication strategies are aligned with the agency’s goal and objectives and developing specific recommendations to their communication practices.Objective1.       Assess current KASN communication strategy2.       Provide recommendation to improve KASN public outreachActivities·       Five (5 days for)1.       Assess current KASN outreach capacities, practices, strategies, products and infrastructures, including determined core vulnerabilities in current communication practice2.       Provide recommendation for KASN long-term communications strategy, system and structure·       Ten (10 days for)3.       Based on the recommendation on long-term communications strategy, assist KASN to develop detailed communication action plan, which at least include several issues:a.       Brandingb.       Websitec.       Social mediad.       Printed publicationse.       Public speakingf.        Public outreach eventsg.       Engagement with journalists & media (press releases, articles, etc.)h.       Organizational structure of KASN communication team4.       Recommend a detailed follow-up program plan and write TOR on USAID CEGAH assistance for KASN’s public outreach in 2016 and 20175.       Present recommendation to KASN Deliverables1.       Assessment report of current outreach strategy of KASN2.       Recommendation on long-term communications strategy, system and structure3.       Detailed communication action plan & program4.       TOR for USAID CEGAH follow-up program for KASN’s public outreach5.       Final presentation & report Qualifications1.       Hold Master degree in communication or related area of study2.       Has at least 5 years of experiences working in relevant areas (communication, public speaking, , marketing, media, or related fields), experiences in assisting government’s communication are preferred.3.       Has experience in conducting communication assessment or audit4.       Demonstrated communication skills5.       Has experienced working on Indonesia’s civil service or administrative reforms issues Please send CV, application letter and sample of website/application developed to [email protected] before 4:00pm Jakarta time on Saturday,  September 17, 2016 

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