Renovation of SD 05 Cileuksa School (Cijairin remote class) in 2024

Renovation of SD 05 Cileuksa School (Cijairin remote class) in 2024

The aim of carrying out the renovation work for the SD 05 Cileuksa School Building is to provide educational support facilities and infrastructure. With this assignment, it is hoped that Managers and Construction Service Providers can carry out their responsibilities well to produce adequate output in accordance with this TOR. We are conducting OPEN RECRUITMENT for construction services to carry out our school renovation project in the Cijairin area.



In the implementation process which aims to produce the requested output, the Implementing Contractor can prepare a schedule for regular meetings with the Activity Manager. In these periodic meetings, the initial, intermediate and main products that must be produced by the service provider are determined in accordance with the output plan stipulated in this TOR. In carrying out tasks, Construction Service Providers must always take into account that the time for carrying out work is binding.



The work location is in Cijairin Village, Cileuksa Village, Sukajaya District, Bogor Regency, West Java Province. (-6.6252534349518735, 106.4368446811644). Gmap web address in here


The output that must be produced at this stage is:
✔ Buildings that comply with documents for construction implementation.
✔ Construction Implementation results documents, including:
✔ Drawings that are appropriate to the implementation (as build drawings).
✔ Work contract for the implementation of physical construction, supervision work along with all changes/addendums thereto.
✔ Daily, weekly, monthly reports created during physical construction.
✔ Minutes of work changes, work added/reduced, handovers I and II, work inspections, and other minutes related to the implementation of physical construction.
✔ Documentary photos taken at each stage of progress in the implementation of physical construction.


The stages that will be carried out are:

  • Field visit
  • Physical Auction
  • Contract Signing
  • Physical implementation of work in the field
  • Submission of Physical Implementation Results.


Job Responsibilities

a. The implementing contractor is professionally responsible for the construction activity services carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Contract.

b. The general responsibilities of the Executor are as follows:

  • Carry out detailed physical implementation, both structural and architectural, according to the contract.
  • Coordinate with the work owner regarding the use of materials, equipment and work methods for the smooth running of work in the field
  • Coordinate with the Technical Service regarding work methods and field techniques and the technical personnel required must be in accordance with their expertise
  • The physical product produced must comply with the work drawings and Work Volume as stated in the Contract Document. Apart from that, you must also have technical personnel who are competent (certified) in accordance with their main duties and functions

Implementation Time

The implementation of this work will be carried out by the service provider as specified in the Selection Document. The activity schedule starts from the time the SPMK (notice to proceed) is received from the Service User until the First Handover of Work is carried out for 92 (Ninety Two) calendar days. This work is to be completed in 2024 and in the form of single-year financing.

How to Apply

If there is a team Design construction services / contractor services team is interested in this open recruitment, you can send an email to

[email protected]

by attaching:

1. Company Profile

2. Budget proposal for calculating expenditure from activities to be carried out

3. Company NPWP

4. KTP of staff representatives

Please send the attached documents no later than the date

22 May 2024 at 16.00 PM noon

Also attached to this email is the TOR or TOR for the activity as a reference for consultants.

Notes: We will send TOR or KAK notes via email

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