(Reposting) RFP: Consultant of Budget Influencing and Youth Advocacy, Bandung

Save the children is currently implementing CREATIVE project funded by
European Aid on “Strengthening Civil Society and Inclusive and Empowered
Youth in West Java” with the aim to reduce poverty and support
sustainable economic development. These project objectives are: promote
access to youth employment opportunities by empowering youth and engage
with civil society and local government; create access to and allocate
budget for market driven BTVET, apprentice­ship and decent work
opportunities for youth; provide quality market driven voca­tional,
employability, life skills training and labor market link­ing through
government by advocating in policy amendment and budget allocation.
CREATIVE working area covers 20 villages in Sukabumi and Garut district,
linked to youth groups, Community Based Organization, vocational
institution, local government and local businesses.  

Focus of
this consultancy is to facilitate the empowerment of youth and how to
voice their needs in relevant to youth employment. National Statistic
Body (Badan Pusat Statistik) through National Employment Survey in 2014
reported that number of unemployment in Indonesia has reached 7 million
people, 60% of those are youth (age 15 – 24). Most of youth deal with
lack of access to employment during the transition period from school.
National Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration highlighted the gaps
and challenges of youth employment issues such as largest share of
employed youth remains in non-formal sectors, limited job opportunities,
low entrepreneurship mindset and lack of statistic data. While other
youth employment initiative, called IYEN (Indonesia Youth Employment
Network), addressed high unemployment because of unmatched skill and
educational background of labor supply with demand; unmet competency
requirement; and personal judgment (picking the right job with the right
salary). Those mentioned employment challenges would be sensitized over
the youth in target districts and transformed into real advocacy action

We are seeking for Consultant of Budget Influencing and Youth Advocacy

For more information please visit : https://indonesia.savethechildren.net/jobs

Send the electronic copy of your proposal and the Expression of Interest form and CV to: [email protected] with a Subject: Youth Advocacy Creative – <your name> with the latest date:  14 December 2015 Jakarta Time. Please do not send after mentioned date.

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