Request for Proposal – Branding Agency for Tanjung Puting Destination

Request for proposal
Brand Agency for Tanjung Puting Destination

This request for proposal invites qualified brand agency to assist brand
development for Tanjung Puting Destination that will be run and managed by
Forum Tata Kelola Pariwisata (FTKP) Tanjung Puting Tanjung Puting.
On behalf of FTKP Tanjung Puting, the assigned organization – Swisscontact
WISATA – will coordinate the whole brand development process aimed at
achieving the main goal of promoting Tanjung Puting as a competitive
destination that offers wildlife, nature, ancient traditions and culture.
The campaign requires a unique integrated marketing communications
approach and must also include the complexities of standing out in current
market place and competing destinations.

If you are a brand agency that can demonstrate a proven history of
strategic and effective destination or travel and tourism-related
development, you are encouraged to show your interest by email to:
[email protected], with subject line: Request for
proposal – Brand Agency for Tanjung Puting (state your company name).
You will receive by return email documents describing the requirements,
terms and conditions for your proposal submission.

This entry will close by 15 February 2016, 5pm WITA.

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