REVISED Hivos Job Vacancy : Looking for Short Term Consultant for baseline context analysis for the voice programme in Phillippine

for Short Term Consultant:

Consultant for
baseline context analysis for the voice

programme in Phillippine to map and analyse the situation of the most
marginalised and discriminated people including their influencing and
organisational capacity.


1.      Background

voice is a newly
established consortium between Oxfam Novib (Netherlands) and Hivos to manage a
new Euro 50 million fund over five years (2016-2021) whereby the funding is
made available by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign
Affairs. Voice targets the most marginalised and discriminated groups
in ten low- and lower-middle income countries in Africa and Asia.  These groups are, amongst others: 

  •          People
    with disabilities
  •          LGBTIQ
  •          Women
    facing exploitation, abuse and violence
  •          Age-discriminated
    vulnerable groups, notably the young and the elderly
  •          Indigenous
    groups and ethnic minorities. 


It aims to strengthen the capacity of Civil
Society Organisations and representatives of these groups to increase their (political)
participation in mainstream development processes. Since the most marginalised
and discriminated groups are often hard to reach via regular programming. Voice promotes
the use of innovative ideas and strategies, in order to empower these groups and
to have their voices heard and respected. The programme has two main

A grant facility to provide financial support to groups and
organisations and;

A linking and learning programme that will nurture learning and
innovation across countries and groups.  

The key words are Empower, Amplify and

The long term outcome of this programme
is: Voice will strengthen the capacity for lobby and advocacy of civil
society organisations and representatives of the most marginalised and discriminated
people in order to empower these groups and to have their Voices heard and
respected, using innovative ideas in the field of capacity strengthening and in
the field of lobby and advocacy

Main objectives

The objective of this short-term consultancy
is to conduct an in-depth analysis of the current situation and policy
environment in the Philippines of the following groups within the Voice

1.       People with

2.       LGBTIQ

3.       Women facing
exploitation, abuse and violence;

4.       Age-discriminated
vulnerable groups, notably the young and the elderly; and

5.       Indigenous groups
and ethnic minorities. The resulting context analysis document will be

used as country level baseline and as input to the global Voice baseline.


Visit :  for
more TOR details.

Main results –

1: Detailed planning and budget for context analysis including travel and a
(preliminary) list of organisations and persons to be interviewed and/or to
participate in focus groups discussions.

approval, a first payment can be made up to maximum 25% / to cover all travel
and other work related costs.

2: Draft context analysis report

3: Full report and draft context analysis summary to be included in the global
Voicecontext analysis (see template).

4.      Administrative criteria

4.1. Deadlines

Any questions, remarks or requests for clarification can be send to [email protected]  before Monday, 25 July 2016, close of

Quotations should reach Hivos South East Asia no later than Friday,
29 July 2016, close of business

4.2. Contents of quotation

following should be included in applications:

At least two relevant reference assignments previously performed by
the supplier that are comparable in content, time and money.

Copy of the tax registration of individuals or Company and Copy of registration with relevant authorities for NGO(s)

An action and implementation plan, including a time planning based on
this ToR

CV(’s) of the proposed consultant(s), proving relevant experience
and/or diplomas.

Total price. Accompanied with a cost brake down in days or hours spend
and the related fee.


of Interest  should be submitted by
e-mail with the subject line “Voice Context Analysis Consultant-Philippine” to [email protected]
 by July 29, 2016.

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