RFP: Consultant to Develop Youth Training Information System Education for EYE Program, Bandung

Save the Children’s Education Youth Empowerment project being
implemented in Bandung, Indonesia aims to help student in vocational
school low to access safe and preferred employment by providing market
relevant skills training, counseling and linkages to internship/job and
self-employment opportunities. Save the Children conducts a highly
localized Labor Market Assessment (LMA) in each project area in order to
identify relevant sectors and the specific job opportunities that would
be available for youth after graduating from the program. While each
geographic area. Over the past two years, the program has identified a
number of sectors that stand out as having strong potential for job
creation and absorption of trained youth in the long term. The program
also conducted many training for teacher in vocational school to improve
quality of vocational school.

To ensure the effectiveness and the scalability of the program, it is
necessary to have an online system where staff could input data on how
many participants (students and teacher) have trained on what course,

where, and how it is conducted. Based on these needs, EYE project is
going to hire a consultant to develop an online training information

The objective of this activity are to:

  1. Develop an online training information system.
  2. Training on using the online training information system.

The Consultant has agreed to:

  1. Develop an online training information system to keep track of the
    trainings conducted by education for youth empowerment program.
  2. Provide training on how to use the online training information system.

For more information please visit : https://indonesia.savethechildren.net/jobs/job-details/303

Interested candidate can submit the simple proposal with detail proposed
budget, experience related to the work and proposed time frame to [email protected] with subject : <YOUTH SYSTEM-EYE>  no later than 06 December 2015 at 5.00 PM

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