RFP – Request for Proposal ICED 2-RFP 2016-07 – Drone for Topography Mapping of Hydropower Project


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Drone in this case is an unmanned aircraft guided by onboard
computers.  Drone is possible as a tool
for topography mapping of hydropower projects.  This is an alternative to conventional topography
mapping by theodolite or total station. 
Currently in Indonesia some researcher groups apply drone for collecting
data through aerial view in context of political ecology research (e.g.
research on the political ecology of Kapuas River, West Kalimantan), or for
mapping precisely condition of agriculture land, energy conservation in
residential buildings (using drone equipped with thermal sensor),
existing/planned infrastructure.  They
also have groups to learn each other called as Drone Community. 


At present a drone takes benefit from available open-source ground control station and
open-hardware flight controller.  This
drone has output of orthophoto using digital elevation model (DEM) and digital terrain model (DTM).  Orthophoto is an aerial photograph
geometrically corrected (orthorectified) such that the scale is uniform.  Having been adjusted for topographic relief,
lens distortion and camera tilt, an orthophoto could be used to measure true
distances because it is an accurate representation of the earth surface.  Through a data post processing, a high
resolution topography map (for instance with scale of 1:300) could be
obtained.  Coverage area of a drone with
autopilot mission is 40 – 500 ha per mission.


There are two types of
drone specifically rotary/multirotor and fixed wing drones.  Both are easy to operate.  Flight time per mission of fixed wing (45 –
90 minutes) is longer than rotary type (30 – 45 minutes).  Coverage area capability of fixed wing (150 –
500 ha) is also wider than rotary drone (30 – 100 ha).  Hovering distance for rotary type is 5 km
whereas for fixed wing could reach 50 – 70 km. 
Advantages of rotary drone is ability for vertical takeoff and landing,
as well as for carrying weightier cameras/sensors (higher payload) compared to
fixed wing one.  During their mission
both could bring cameras/sensors such as RGB/Red Green Blue camera, NIR/Near Infrared camera,
thermal camera, video camera, LIDAR/Light Detection and Ranging.



Exploring drone technology capability for topography mapping of hydropower project

Procuring one unit of drone, which assembled locally in
Indonesia, for testing purpose.

drone technology implementation for topography mapping at one mini hydropower site



Preparing a scientific paper on the testing methodology

Buying one unit of local drone (including RGB, NIR cameras) to be tested for topography mapping

Conducting drone technology implementation for mapping one mini
hydropower project site which fulfils criteria that:

The project is in ICED-USAID pipeline.

Feasibility Study (FS) of the project has been
completed or Detailed Engineering Design (DED) is in process.

Towner have
financial capability to achieve Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or Financing
Close (FC) stage

Completing report of the testing implementation.    




assignment is expected to take approximately in the period of August – Oct 30,



bidders must provide the following information and references in order to be
qualified for the procurement process:

Institution’s information, including official
registered title, type of business, address, and contact person information.

A short description of the institution and of past
relevant experience.

Overall technical
approach to fulfill the specifications defined in Attachment A – Term of


are invited from organization and individual consultants who meet the profile
described above. 
Proposals must also include a clear itemized
budget. Any proposals that do
not include an itemized budget will not be considered.
 Please use our template budget in
Attachment A – Term of References.

of Payment

Payment terms for the
awarded Subcontract Agreement shall be net thirty (30) days after satisfactory
completion of each of the following milestones. Payment shall be made via bank
wire transfer. No advance payments will be considered.

Interested and qualified consultants should send
their applications by July 27,
 at the latest and
indicate “ICED2-RFP-2016-07 – Drone for
Topography Mapping of Hydropower Project
” in
the subject line to the email
[email protected]

you have any queries please send an email to [email protected] or visit us at www.iced.or.id for detail info.

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