RFP- Request for Proposal ICED2-RFQ-2016-07 PLEA Nias Field Study

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In 2015 ICED II developed an initiative called Planning for Energy Access
(PLEA), which benefits from previous works during the first phase of ICED.
It combines an extensive set of energy profile data at
national-provincial-district-village levels with geospatial data of the
area. The pilot case of PLEA is Nias Islands in North Sumatera province.

PLEA is in line with various government programs to expand electricity
access and to promote renewable energy. Recently the Government of
Indonesia launched “Program Indonesia Terang” (PIT), which would coordinate
the efforts to expand electricity access from 87 percent in 2015 to 99.6
percent in 2019.

PLEA methodology consists of 4 stages: (i) collect and evaluate historical
data sets to project future energy supply-demand in certain area, (ii)
identify the least-cost option to provide electricity access to villages
through grid expansion, mini-grid or off-grid approach, (iii) estimate
electricity demand of and potential supply for clusters of households, and
(iv) field assessment and implementation design of the electrification
program. This process may be iterated as needed. The first 2 stages have
been completed, and ICED Team has started some initial works of Stage 3 and

Findings from Stage 1 and 2 of the first round process of PLEA Nias have
been shared with key stakeholders in several events. Participants in a
PLEA training in Jakarta on 5-7 April 2016 were PIT team, representative
from universities in ICED priority provinces, and several unit of the
Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR). Two workshops in Medan on
27-29 April 2016 provides exchange of information in comparing study
findings with knowledge and experience of ICED partners in North Sumatera.

ICED II has developed sample exercise for Stage 3 covering few villages,
and a basic model of electricity system for Stage 4 of PLEA Nias. Further
elaboration of the work requires factual local condition which shall be

obtained through field survey. ICED II aims to engage local university as

a partner in the PLEA Nias study.


· Update existing data sets of Nias Islands, with more detailed
assessment on at least 10 selected villages in South Nias

· Obtain primary data and information to complement the desk study
in Stage 1 and 2

· Engage local institutions to facilitate capacity building process
towards development of local think tank in energy policy and planning


Based on the previous study of ICED II, the Team shall collect, update and
analyze relevant data and information in the following area:

1. Geospatial mapping and analysis

a. Update the 20 kV network of Nias Islands

b. Update the road network of Nias Islands

c. Rooftop tagging and household clustering of Nias Islands

2. Energy demand characteristics

a. Update statistics and other relevant data of North Sumatera Province

b. Analysis on existing policy/plans related to rural electrification

c. Estimate the current and potential demand for electricity and the
load profile

3. Assessment of indigenous renewable energy resources for electricity
and other energy supply potential


The assignment is expected to take approximately in the period of August –
Oct 30, 2016

*Bidder’s Qualifications*

All bidders must provide the following information and references in order
to be qualified for the procurement process:

1. Institution’s information, including official registered title, type
of business, address, and contact person information.

2. A short description of the institution and of past relevant

3. Overall technical approach to fulfill the specifications defined in
Attachment A – Term of References.


Proposals are invited from organization and individual consultants who meet
the profile described above.
Proposals must also include a clear itemized budget. *Any proposals that do
not include an itemized budget will not be considered.* Please use our
template budget in Attachment A – Term of References

*Terms of Payment*

Payment terms for the awarded Subcontract Agreement shall be net thirty
(30) days after satisfactory completion of each of the following
milestones. Payment shall be made via bank wire transfer. No advance
payments will be considered.

*Application Process*
Interested and qualified consultants should send their applications by *July
26, 2016* at the latest and indicate “*ICED2-RFP-2016-07 – PLEA Nias Field
Study*” in the subject line to the email [email protected]

Should you have any queries please send an email to [email protected]
or visit us at www.iced.or.id

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