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Families First Learning Event Video Development



Save the Children in Indonesia is changing for the
better. We have begun to build a national organization that aims to be a
strong, local, and self-sustaining voice for children in Indonesia namely
Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik.  To this
end, Yayasan has been designated as a “Prospect Member of Save the Children”
which focuses on strengthening and localizing our voice for children in
strategic middle income countries. Currently Save the Children’s programs in
Indonesia is implemented by Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik and have been working
in eleven provinces with approximately 300 local professionals as well as
programming in Child Protection, Education, Health and Nutrition, Disaster Risk
Reduction, and Humanitarian Response.


One of our flagship programs around the world is
“Families First”, a program that promotes family based care in Indonesia and
builds national child protection and care system in partnership with the
Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA) and with support of civil society organizations,
is now currently looking for Videographer.


More over about the details can be seen from the




The Families First program was developed based on
research that presented worrying situation of children placed in residential
institutions after 2005 tsunami. Based on the findings showing that around half
a million children were placed in 8,000 institutions whilst 90% of them had at
least 1 parent alive, with full understanding that the best environment for
child development is a family, together with MOSA we started working on the
national standards of care and legal framework for alternative care. In
addition, we initiated a pilot to develop the best practice of working directly
with children and families, and program to prevent institutionalization and
other types of separation of children from families.


Further, the Families First Program has developed its
strategies to continue achieving paradigm shift from residential to family
based care in the areas of:

including families, understand the importance of family care for children, are
able to take care of children within their own homes or in other type of
family-based alternative care, and are able to access services and support in
their own communities. The program targets parents in rural communities facing
institutionalization and other issues of separation of children from families.
We provide good parenting training program, piloting Positive Discipline in
Everyday Parenting (PDEP) with models of group sessions among parents and home
visitation. We use community based child protection approach strengthened by
access to social protection and professional social work services so community
can refer serious child protection cases. 

Direct Response: Girls and boys facing care and protection issues are
supported through effective and appropriate responses based on their individual
needs and best interests from the Children and Family Support Centre (PDAK). We
established PDAK in 2010 in Bandung city in West Java province and have scaled
up the model in other 9 districts/cities in 4 provinces across Indonesia as
presented below.


In handling child protection (CP) and care cases, we use
clinical social case work method with case management approach. PDAK is
established together with Ministry of Social Affairs and local government,
employing professional social workers to respond to child protection and care

Legal and Policy
National, provincial
and district laws provide legal safeguards to girls and boys, preventing
unnecessary institutionalization, and promoting family based care. So far, we

supported government to develop National Standards of Care for childcare
institutions, foster care and the umbrella regulations on care providing
overall mechanisms of alternative care including supporting family based
care.  In order to enlarge support for
family based care, we strengthened social work education and developed national
campaign with other civil society organizations. The next agenda is to
integrate child protection and social protection. At the local level we support
development of standard procedures for child protection response, adoption
system and referral system under local authority decree.




After ten years, we would like to present to the public
our program experiences and learning in order to contribute to development of
child protection and care system together with government stakeholders and key
civil society representatives. The event is designed to give participants
opportunity to learn general framework of child protection and care system;
position of Indonesia in comparison with other countries in terms of policy,
program and practices as well as technical approaches, methods and skills
required in dealing with children and families in need.


Activities Video

Video shoot on the whole days
of Families First Learning Event with some interviews with the key note
speakers and capturing the output of each segments of agenda.


Time Line

        Video Shoot                 26-28 July 2016

Editing & Finalizing         29-30
July 2016



–       have a background on the media’

–       have relevant experience related
shooting video

–       Have skilled for video editing

–       have the ability to do the
mixing process video results


TIME FRAME:  26-31 July 2016




Final photo &
video submit to Save the Children at 31 July 2016

Specification on
the video qualities: raw footage to save the Children with the following
specifications: Video format: 

       HD or HDCAM format Dimensions: 16:9 (NOT 4:3)

Audio:  high quality microphone for interviews –
either lavaliere or boom mic

Style: Video should
be filmed professionally. There may be times when it’s best to hand hold the
camera, but please use a tripod as much as possible.

Video with 15
minute durations

Submitted softcopy
by CD and Flash disk






Individuals/Institutions must submit their proposal and CV in English to:

[email protected] with a Subject: Video
Shooting-FF with the latest date: 15 July 2016 COB. Please do not send after
this date.

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