Risk Management, Economic Sustainability and Actuarial Science Development in Indonesia (READI), Program Officer, Coop Education in Jakarta, Indonesia

RiskManagement, Economic Sustainability and Actuarial Science Development inIndonesia (READI)                                                                                                                                              Program Officer, CoopEducation

                                                                                                                                                       Terms of Reference

1.0          ProjectBackground

The Program/Project/activityis undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada providedthrough the Department of Global Affairs Canada (GAC), with the University ofWaterloo (uWaterloo) serving as the Canadian Executing Agency (CEA). The objectiveof the project is to establish Indonesia as a regional centre of actuarialexcellence. The project is working with a range of key stakeholders – includinghigh schools and universities, the insurance and pensions industry, Indonesia’sprofessional actuarial association, and government agencies – to: (1) increasethe number and quality of Indonesian actuarial science graduates available toIndonesian businesses, universities and government agencies; (2) strengthen thelinkages between industry, government and educational institutions in supportof actuarial science and risk management; and (3) deepen the understanding ofactuarial science and risk management as a profession.

2.0          Scope of Work

The READICo-op Specialist is primarily responsible for developing and maintainingproductive co-op relationships with three key stakeholders:

·        University administrators, faculty and staff toensure co-op contributes to the academic mission of the institution and itsActuarial Science program;

·        University students to provide developmentalemployment readiness workshops as well as support during co-op employment; and,

·        Co-op employers to develop suitable co-opemployment opportunities and provide oversight of the co-op employment processas well as the work terms

This role provides a senior-level single point of contactbetween faculty and employers to maximize opportunities for strategic andvalue-added collaboration and partnering in the education and employment ofActuarial Science students. This will be a six month contract with anopportunity of renewal based on performance at the end of the six month period.

3.0          SpecificResponsibilities

Initially, the READI Co-opSpecialist will:

 ·        Develop comprehensive knowledgeof co-op theory and practice as well as special expertise in job developmenttechniques.

·        Participate in a one-month longtraining program (in Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA) to understand the University ofWaterloo’s, as well as other Canadian universities’, co-op models/practices

·        Participate in, then lead, employerand university co-op ‘How To’ workshops in Indonesia.

·        Liaise with the READI CanadianCo-op Officer regularly – reporting on activities, outlining learning, andseeking feedback on plans and approach.

·        Develop co-op workopportunities for students by visiting and communicating with a variety ofemployers and liaising with industry associations and the actuarial society asneeded.

·        Work with the READI CanadianCo-op Officer, as well as assigned university co-op designates from ITB andUPH, to assist in the development of co-op programs at those institutions astime allows and/or the focus of those universities evolves

As the co-op program matures, theREADI Co-op Specialist will:

·        Serve as the primary liaison toFaculty for academic integration and co-op employment, including.

·        Foster an open and transparentdialog between co-op administration and the faculty and/or universityadministration.

·        Identify and promote academicprogram and faculty co-op requirements to both students and employers.

·        Engage with the Faculty toensure contributions as appropriate to policy, strategy, new programs, andoperational discussions/decisions.

·        Optimize Faculty enrolmentstrategies to effectively manage co-op work terms

·        Ensure consultation,development and support of student success initiatives (e.g., criteria forjobs, duration of work terms, etc.) by consulting closely with administrators,faculty and staff.

·        Lead job developmentinitiatives with new and existing co-op employers and monitor success ofstudents and co-op work terms.

·        Provide overall institutionalco-operative education leadership by personally championing the mission, visionand guiding principles as well as direction and strategic planning forco-operative education.

·        Monitor business practices toensure that the institution’s co-op program engages in the appropriatepractices and processes to work effectively internally and represent theinstitution externally.

·        Lead the development andimplementation of new capabilities as afforded by the introduction of new systems,tools or processes.

4.0          Estimated Level of Effort and Timing

Travel: Extensive travel required, including 8 to 12weeks annually within Canada for the first 2 to 3 years

Working Hours:

– Regular working hours when in the office.

– Extensive evening and weekend work may be required.

Reporting: Incumbent would report to the READI FieldDirector.

Start Date: September 2016

Salary: Will be based on qualifications. Position iscontingent on funding.

Deadline to submit resume: July 27, 2016

Please submit resume to Laura Wilson, READI Project Officer at [email protected]

5.0          Criteriafor Selection (Qualifications and Experience)

UniversityDegree (preferably in Actuarial Science or similar field) with proficiency inEnglish and Bahasa Indonesia language.


2-5 years ofexperience in front-line or business relationship management and in academicsettings, preferably working with faculty-level administration.
Program/project management experience is an asset as is research planning andexecuting web-based research.


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