Road Traffic Injury Surveillance Systems Strengthening Consultancy in Surabaya and Makassar

Data Collection for Road Safety Study 

This document forms the basis of a request for a proposal by Vital Strategies to find a suitable consultant to conduct an “Road Traffic Injury Surveillance Systems Strengthening Consultancy in Surabaya and Makassar” (hereafter referred to “The Assignment”). The Assignment is focused on troad crash data collection, analysis, and use in Surabaya City and in Makassar City 

Objective and Scope of the Assignment: 

This Assignment is to produce and disseminate a road safety situation analysis and report for (location), which will be based on digitized and standardized police data. This will be done by first understanding the sources of crash data and the processes, definitions, methods that are involved in collecting these. This will allow the Consultant to determine the kind of data that can be requested and collected from the police as well as the level of encoding, digitizing, cleaning, and standardizing required for the dataset. The second step is to request and collect the data from the police and this will highly depend on the kind of data that is available, and the processes involved in storing and sharing the data. Once the data is made available, depending on the form and quality in which is shared, the Consultant is expected to digitize and standardize this dataset. The methods involved in digitization and standardization will again depend on the form and quality of the dataset. In general, this step will require data digitization in a well-designed and structured form (either in Excel or in a well-designed form in Epi Info or Microsoft Access), completing missing details based on other data fields or data sources (for example, using the narrative portion of the police record to identify crash types), resolving errors and duplicated records, georeferencing or mapping where the crash happened, converting the dataset from a flat file to a relation dataset, among other data interventions. After this, the Consultant must prepare the dataset for analysis and create an analysis plan. The Consultant is required to produce a report on the road safety situation which includes summary statistics on key indicators as well as detailed maps of high-risk locations. Specific analyses based on selected sites will also be required. Finally, the report and analyses will need to be disseminated to relevant stakeholders to encourage the use of the data.  

 To summarize, theexpected output from the Assignment are: 

  • To produce a report on the existing Road Safety situation in Surabaya and Makassar, with the following milestones: 
  • Understanding type of data that is available and from which agencies, trough FGD method and bilateral meeting 
  • Collect – code, digitize, clean, organize, and consolidate. 
  • Analyzing dataset, – Produce statistics, maps, and road safety report.  
  • Conduct detailed Analysis on the selected sites of public transportation existing route 
  • Conduct Multistakeholder Forum to disseminate and initial version of the report 
  • Conduct Multistakeholder Forum to disseminate final report finding to government and stakeholders. 

 Expected Activities: 

  • Conduct initial Focus Group Discussion (FGD) to gather updated information in each target cities  
  • Conduct public consultation / FGD to share the initial findings in each target cities 
  • Ensure the draft final report are being reviewed by expert and relevant stakeholders 
  • Collect relevant data from key stakeholders (government agencies, e.g.: Provincial police office, transportation agencies, health agencies, hospital and command center, etc.) in each target cities 
  • Disseminate key findings through seminar (include public and media) 

The implementing team will use the results of this data collection to contribute to the overall UKPACT Future Cities Project goal. The UKPACT project will use the result to achieve safer, inclusive, resilient, and more ambitious low carbon development pathways for all residents including GEDSI groups of Surabaya and Makassar Greater Area. 

Requirements and Qualifications 

  •  Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, Engineering, Urban Planning, Data Science, or other relevant fields (required). Master’s degree in the above areas preferred. A total of 8 + years of relevant experience, with over 5 + years spent in data management, analysis, and reporting related to public health, transportation/mobility, road safety, or public policy. 
  • Strong experience and networking with Indonesian government agencies and international institutions 
  • Excellent research and analytical skills, which includes working with large datasets 
  • Data encoding or managing a team of encoders 
  • Experience working in a research environment or information-generating context and designing data collection tools 
  • Demonstrated ability to use data to inform decision making and changes in project course. 
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain strong relations with key partners 
  • Strong interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to work well as a team 
  • Ability to work under pressure and manage competing priorities and deadlines 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia 


Vital Strategies is seeking competitive proposals from qualified consultant to provide the following services: 

  • Collect key / relevant data (from government, mainly from Police, and other reliable stakeholders (NGOs, Universities, etc.) and synthesize the data report and analysis. 
  • Support, guide and assist the city governments for road injury and fatality data sources, analytics, coordination, integration, and use. 
  • Identify strengths, gaps, and institutional opportunities in the traffic police, transportation agency, and health sectors based on comprehensive baseline study of road injury surveillance system assessments already conducted. 
  • Overlay the crashdata study map with the selected corridors in each city and provide an overview and recommendation. 
  • Conduct several consultations with the key stakeholders, including organizing the Meeting Incentive Conference Event (MICE). 
  • Work collaboratively with other team members, to plan, design, implement and evaluate of information and communication technologies for program activities; ensuring full integration of ICT into UKPACT program activities to support effective and efficient project implementation and monitoring. 
  • Conduct dissemination event of finalized report to multi stakeholder forum in the final quarter.

Please email your interest to [email protected] to indicate your interest to participate in this RFP.



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