Seeking Indonesian Law Firm proposal to conduct 2-day training on drafting and negotiating Export Promotion MoUs

Seeking Indonesian Law Firm proposal to conduct 2-day training on drafting and negotiating Export Promotion MoUs


The Canada-Indonesia Trade and Private Sector Assistance Project (TPSA) project seeks a proposal from an Indonesian law firm to conduct two days of training to Government of Indonesia officials on how to draft and negotiate MoUs related to facilitating and increasing exports from Indonesia to various target countries.   


The specific areas of focus for the training are as follows:


(1)    How to draft MoUs, using prior MoUs as a basis for developing improved model MoU template(s).

(2)    New ideas/inputs on MoU content options for enhancing export development, including identification of goals, and translation of goals into precise actions and follow-up mechanisms.   This could include methods and tools, including web or app based approaches.

(3)    How to effectively negotiate MoUs (negotiations strategy training).

(4)    Guidance on how to effectively implement and monitor MoUs so that goals and objectives are achieved.


Three generic types of MoU “Models” are envisioned for discussion:

(i)                  Government to Overseas Private Sector Trade Facilitation Organization

(ii)                Government to Overseas Government Trade Facilitation Organization

(iii)               Private Sector Organization to Private Sector Organization MoU which government could facilitate to be signed by the two private sector parties.


In addition to the training itself, TPSA requires a short manual/guideline produced as a reference document for future use by the government of Indonesia.   This manual/guideline is expected to include aspects of the training, and incorporate improved model agreements and model clauses for various purposes.    This deliverable may be termed an MoU drafting guideline.


The TPSA project expects to conduct this two-day training workshop on 26 and 27 May 2016 at a hotel in Depok area.  Key points for the proposing firm to consider in their response are as follows:   


1.       The TPSA project will cover all venue costs (banners, name tags, sound system, 2 coffee breaks and lunch for each day of the training) and workshop materials printing costs.    Approximately 30 to 40 participants are expected.


2.       The firm only needs to provide the consultants and the training/guideline materials.   The firm should submit a short proposal outlining proposed consultant time and costs (names, titles, rates per consultant).  


3.       The cost proposal is expected to cover the material preparation before the training, the training itself, and the completion of the manual/guideline post-workshop (incorporating points discussed and identified during the workshop).   


4.       The firm should also provide an outline of their proposed training agenda topics for the two-day workshop in their proposal to TPSA.


5.       Interested firms should submit their proposal by Close of Business on May 13, 2016 by email to [email protected] only.


6.       Only short-listed firms will be contacted.


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