USAID CEGAH_Consultant for Assessment on Public Service Information System (SIPP)

                                                                     UNITED STATE AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENTCEGAHTerms of Reference (ToR)Position                                            :   Consultant for Assessment on Public Service Information System                                                               (Sistem Informasi Pelayanan Pubik/SIPP)   Languages Required                        :   IndonesiaDuration of Contract                       : 12 working daysWorking Period                                :   August – September 2016 BACKGROUND The Government of Indonesia (GOI) seeks to improve the quality of public services. Through law number 25/2009, the GoI tries to enhance the supply side as well as provide greater access for the public (demand side). It regulates some key reforms ,  including prescribing government agencies to draw up standards of public services, disclose them; and introducing a national complaint handling system.Greater access for the public is a prerequisite for greater participation and the ability to oversee the quality of public service delivery. In this regard, the law mandates MenPANRB to establish and manage a national public service information system (SIPP). This system shall compile all information on public services provided by government agencies and also public service contractor at all levels, which includes but is not limited to information on public service providers, public service officers, service standards, complaint handling systems, and performance evaluation. The system ought to be able to collect electronic and non-electronic data, and presented in a form that easy to be accessed by the public.  However, there are some similar and relevant initiatives by other government agencies as well as civil society such as,, etc.USAID CEGAH is keen to support KemenPANRB in developing the national public information system. In this regard, USAID CEGAH will engage consultant to assess the legal requirements, existing initiatives, and develop blueprint of the SIPP  It shall also include recommendation on how SIPP might be connected to the LAPOR!SP4N (NPHCS), since information on SIPP can also be reference for the NPCHS operator to forward public complaints to the respective agencies.   SCOPE OF WORK:A.       Objective:             Blueprint of SIPP developed. B.       Activities:1.       Six (5) days for:a.       Assess and review MenPANRBs’ documents related to SIPPb.       Assess and review existing relevant initiatives on public information systemsc.        Meeting with KemePAN, KSP, Open Government Initiative, and other related institutions 2.       Five (5) days for:a.       Drafting:1)   Blueprint of SIPP in terms of systems, procedure, and technical requirements2)       Recommendation to enable SIPP to connect to the LAPOR!SP4N (NPCHS) b.       Presenting recommendations to KemenPAN, KSP, and USAID CEGAH 3.       Five (2) days for:a.       Finalization of the Blueprint based on inputs gathered.b.       Presentation on the final blueprint to the partner for approval DELIVERABLES1)       Assessment report2)       Approved Blueprint of SIPP QUALIFICATIONS1) Professional with at least 5 years experiences in information systems Consultancy Services2)    Demonstrated good knowledge, experience and product in information management systems.3)    Good understanding of public services law and law on Ombudsman4)   Experience in working in or with Government is preferred. Please send CV, application letter and sample of website/application developed to[email protected] before 4:00pm Jakarta time on Friday,  August 12, 2016.

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