Vacancy: Finance Support Staff – 2 persons

The Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) Indonesia is seeking for the qualified candidates to fill the position in the Project Management Team Health System Strengthening (PMT-HSS) which is located in Ministry of Health RI.

Finance Support Staff (2 persons)


Job description:


a.     Support and assist the Finance Specialist in the day-to-day administration of
project financial transactions;

and assist the Finance Specialist in conducting financial management of the project including preparing and reviewing
all financial documentations prior to input any data /financial transactions
/financial report PR; and to
monitor the project financial cash flow and report it to the Finance Spesialist;

the Finance Specialist to ensure that all financial report as recorded
historically and accurately to ensure transparence & accountability; and that all cheques for any transactions are made with
proper signatures as per specified authorized person; and that all cheques are inputted in
the bank book by maintaining a list of cheque issuance and cheque numbers used
(cheque register);

the Finance Specialist in assisting audit by LFA and external auditor;

the Finance Specialist to input the financial report of PR, SR’s and IUs, including to check the all
transactions with supporting documents, and coordinate with Finance Specialist to minimize any in-accuracy of
financial recording for monthly closing of financial report (at PR, SR’s and IUs), as well as to consolidate the
reports; and  in preparing expenditure
report and cash forecast for further disbursement request to SR’s and IUs, including preparing bank
reconciliation of PR;


the Finance Specialist in supervising, including assisting monitoring of any
project advance settlement and communicate with related PIC/IUs for timely completion of complete
supporting documents as required in the PIM;

the Finance Specialist for preparing the PUDR (including SUF, EFR, cash
forecast and disbursement request) every six month, including compiling
complete and proper supporting documents, in order to ensure availability of

the Finance Specialist to check any transactions through petty cash prior to
record/input it into the system; to manage any cash advance to the PIC,
including ensuring timely settlement of the advance and completing of all
supporting documents;

the Finance Specialist to conduct monthly review of PR, SRs and IUs financial
report to ensure that all expenses are based on the approved budget/work plan;
and provide mentoring and/or on-the-job training to the finance staff at SR’s
and IUs whenever required;


the Finance Specialist to ensure that all result report of monthly review to
the SRs’ financial report are sent and followed up accordingly by the SRs, in
order to ensure proper feedback is available; and that all transactions are in
compliance with the required rules/regulation, for GF HSS project in day to day
transaction in PR;

k.    Support the Finance Specialist to review and verify all
supporting documents for settlements of any cash advances prior for Finance
Administrator inputting into the system;

l.      Support the Finance Specialist to review the work plan of
SRs prior to send quarterly budget to SRs; and to conduct mentoring and/or
on-the-job training to the SRs Finance team, including identifying any required
capacity building to include it in the required work plan for submission to the

m.  Support the Finance Specialist that proper financial
reports consist of :

and SUF with annexes of Cash count report, Bank Reconciliation, Copy of bank’s
statement, bank’s book and cash book, Updated list of cash advance;

report of variance analysis that is prepared in coordination with all units
(program, PSM, and finance) for all levels (PR and SRs);

Do the checklist of asset;

petty cash of the GF HSS project based on the required rules/regulation;

prepare regular schedule for supervision, to ensure transaction by sampling are
compliance with the rule/regulations, to check the list of assets with the
availability of the assets and to ensure the budget for conduction the activity
in SR is available and approved by GF;

review all finance reports including Enhance Finance Report (EFR), Progress
Update and Disbursement Request (PUDR), and Price Quality Reporting (PQR) in
collaboration with Operation Specialist; in order to ensure compliance to the
approved work plan;

q.    To inform the Finance Specialist for any potential conflicts of
interest within the scope of his/her responsibilities;

r.     Conduct other duties as required by the
supervisor in relation with the finance and/or administration management of the
GF HSS project.         




Has a university degree ( 1) with
qualification Accounting or Finance Management;

Have 3 years
experiences as a Senior Finance Senior Staff in similar project (The Global Fund Project is advantage);

Have good understanding of GoI Financial
Management Policy issues;

Familiar with accounting application
and basic accounting;

Be fluent in written and spoken
English and Bahasa Indonesia;

Skilled in Computer at least
intermediate level (MS-Office).


For those with matching qualifications and interested in
applying, please send your application letter and CV to
[email protected] NOT LATER than 31st
July 2016.

Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted.

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