VACANCY USAID/IUWASH PLUS : WASH CSR Specialist based in Jakarta Office (JOB CODE: WCSR-JKT)

The USAID  Indonesia Urban Water, Sanitation and Hygiene ‘Penyehatan Lingkungan Untuk Semua’ (IUWASH PLUS) program is a five-year initiative designed to assist the Government of Indonesia in increasing access to water supply and sanitation services as well as improving key hygiene behaviors among urban poor and vulnerable populations. Implemented by DAI Global LLC, IUWASH PLUS works with governmental agencies, the private sector, NGOs, communities and others to achieve the following “high level” results: 

• An increase of one million people in urban areas with access to improved water supply of which at least 500,000 are from the poorest 40% of the population; and• An increase of 500,000 people in urban areas with access to an improved sanitation facility and all of whom are from the poorest 40% of the population.

To ensure that improvements in access to WASH services are sustained, IUWASH PLUS is guided by a development hypothesis that focuses on strengthening service delivery systems so they can more effectively reach the poorest and most vulnerable segments of the population. In order to achieve this at scale, IUWASH PLUS undertakes activities through four interrelated components, including: 1) Improving household WASH services; 2) Strengthening city WASH institutional performance; 3) Strengthening the WASH financing environment; and 4) Advancing national WASH advocacy, coordination and communication.To achieve these outcomes IUWASH-PLUS need high caliber incumbent to fill the position of WASH CSR Specialist based in Jakarta Office  (JOB CODE : WCSR -JKT)Task and Responsibility:The IUWASH PLUS WASH CSR Specialist will work under the direction of the IUWASH PLUS Advocacy and Communications Advisor/Component 4 Team Lead as part of the Advocacy and Communication (component 4) Team. He/she will responsible for engaging private sector through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program which creates shared values and collective impacts toward improving water supply and sanitation access in urban Indonesia. A secondary objective is to ensure that the WASH CSR program is contributed to high level results as stated above. WASH CSR program is an important part of the sustainability of future service expansion, especially for low income communities, who sometimes can’t receive direct support from government.The tasks and responsibilities of the WASH CSR Specialist will include, but not be limited to, the following:• Develop WASH CSR strategy supporting objectives of USAID/IUWASH PLUS;• Identify opportunities to link Wat/San programs of local CSR Forum with companies;• Support and strengthen IUWASH PLUS program with local CSR forums;• Building from IUWASH best practice, continue the Rumah Bersama CSR initiative by strengthening the CSR forum in the existing locations and replicating to other project locations;• Conduct comprehensive assessment (including company assessment) to find specific needs related to capacity increase of each CSR Forum;• Facilitate activities to increase the skills of CSR Forum board member and stakeholders in building strong relationship and partnership by conducting Training, Cross Learning Visits, Workshop, Creative Events, Media Development, etc;• Encourage and facilitate WatSan partnership between local company and CSR Forum through various events such as CSR gathering, CSR meeting and partnership, modelling program, success story expose;   • Facilitate development of suitable WatSan program for CSR funding; • Support CSR forum with CSR implementation within PEMDA system, including use of SOP; Piloting and modelling program; Horizontal learning; Drafting process; Expert findings and responses;  Policy strengthening• Facilitate the expose of existing CSR Forum based on each region’s needs and condition to support the development of CSR Forum;• Coordinate with relevant Component team Lead and National Coordinator on the work plan, activities and field visit to partners (local government, CSR partners, etc.);• Coordinate with relevant National Ministries, national institutes, donor agencies and private sector firms to promote increased CSR involvement in WASH;• Assess CSR activities by Pokja-AMPL (National) and make recommendation for USAID IUWASH PLUS to collaborate and/or strengthening network as required;• Prepare “write-up” of IUWASH PLUS programs ready for potential CSR financing with private companies (special emphasis on WASH Service deliver for the urban poor), in collaboration with IUWASH PLUS Communication and technical teams;• Identify National companies interested in supporting WASH programs through their CSR programs and initiate contacts and facilitate partnership;• Conduct expose activities, success story and CSR Forum capacity building learning with Pokja AMPL National to develop sustainable clean water and sanitation sector, and case study in IUWASH-assisted location;• Prepare and make presentations of findings, lessons learned related on the IUWASH PLUS WASH CSR initiative to IUWASH PLUS partners (both local and national);• Provide regular reports to WASH Advocacy and Communications Advisor/Component 4 Team Lead and other Component Team Leads and National Coordinators.Deliverables1. WASH CSR Strategy of IUWASH PLUS;2. Profile of each CSR forum; 3. List of local companies that provide CSR funding for WatSan program trought CSR Forum in IUWASH PLUS locations;4. List of WatSan programs funded by CSR fund facilitated by CSR forum;  5. Report on CSR activities by Pokja-AMPL (National) and ways in which IUWASH PLUS can support their programs;6. “Write up” example projects by IUWASH PLUS for possible CSR funding; 7. Monthly Activity Report;8. Inputs in the IUWASH PLUS biweekly, quarterly and annuals reports as well as the annual work plans; (both regional and national section) on CSR;9. When requested, provide article highlighting IUWASH PLUS achievements in the CSR field.  Qualifications:• A bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field such as communications; public relations or social science;• At least seven years of experience in engaging and/or working with private sector;• Ability to coordinate with local and national government agencies;• Possesses good verbal and written communications skills in Bahasa Indonesia and basic English competency;• Has experience and good understanding of capacity building programs;• Has experience in managing implementing partners from CSOs/NGOS/GOI;• Understanding of water, sanitation and hygiene issues is an advantage; • Flexibility to work on evenings and weekends on occasion, and to travel substantially within Indonesia.Expected Start Date : Available immediately APPLICATION SEND Interested applicants are invited to send a complete application with 3 references to [email protected]  before September 7, 2016. Please write the job CODE in the subject line of the email. We regret that we are unable to acknowledge receipt of all applications and only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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