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The Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office of the UK Government (FCDO) in collaboration with the Development and Planning Ministry (Bappenas) and the Government of Indonesia, have developed a partnership agreement in the Low Carbon Development Initiative (LCDI) since 2017. The first phase of LCDI was implemented in 2017-2021. Currently, the programme has entered LCDI Phase 2 (LCDI2) for four years. The LCDI Phase 1 focused on the preparation and implementation of the first national low-carbon development plan for Indonesia. One of the major milestones in LCDI Phase 1 is the Government of Indonesia launched a UK-funded report called “Low Carbon Development: A Paradigm Shift Towards a Green Economy in Indonesia” (the LCDI Report). This report has been successfully incorporated into the national Medium-Term Development (RPJMN) 2020-2024.

Oxford Policy Management Limited (OPML) has recently contracted by FCDO, with British Embassy Jakarta (BEJ) as its client service, as the Supplier to deliver and manage programme implementation of LCDI2 in collaboration with the Government of Indonesia (GoI), primarily Bappenas, along with relevant line ministries and the pilot provinces of the Programme. This programme will support implementation of the LCDI at both the national and subnational level to support the Government meet its emissions reductions targets in Indonesia’s medium term development plan. In specific, the programme covers:

  • Building political support for low-carbon development within and outside of government
  • Building knowledge and understanding of the LCDI approach among those who would be responsible for implementing it within GoI
  • Supporting implementation of the LCDI approach, especially through provincial and national development plans
  • Raising ambition to the highest levels set out in the LCDI report

To effectively implement the LCDI2, OPML as an implementing agency is planning on mobilizing a team of experts from various key sectors. One of the key sectors that potentially contribute to the LCDI is the Blue Carbon sector.

This TOR is developed to support the recruitment of a Blue Carbon Specialist for the LCDI2 implementation.

Key objectives of the role

The Blue Carbon Specialist will support the LCDI-2 management unit in providing technical input for low-carbon intervention and climate resilience in the coastal and marine sector including mangrove and seagrass ecosystems. The Blue Carbon Specialist is responsible for developing methods for calculating economic, social, and environmental activities in the Coastal and Marine sector, and developing mitigation actions. He/she will also work together with other units in the LCDI-2 team to develop the Green Economy Index model for the national and regional government, especially from the Marine and Coastal sectors. The specialist will report directly to the Deputy Team Leader of the LCDI-2 Project.

Main Responsibility

  1. Provide technical assistance in the preparation of the 2045 Green Economy Index target for RPJPN&D (Long-term National and Regional Development Plan) documents, for the Marine and Coastal sector including support for the formulation of RPJP both at the national and provincial levels.
  2. Analyse and review the calculation of carbon emission reduction potential from the marine and coastal sectors using spatial data from related ministries.
  3. Developing dynamic system models for the Marine and Coastal sectors focusing on economic, social, and environmental aspects, as well as providing technical assistance in the preparation of green economy system dynamic models for marine and coastal sectors at the national and provincial levels.
  4. Submit National and Regional (Province) LCD reports and progress on emission intensity reduction and GHG emission reduction in marine and coastal sectors from key ministries and 34 provinces through the AKSARA system.
  5. Update the Emission Reduction Potential Calculation Methodology and LCD Technical Guidelines for marine and coastal sectors with ministries/agencies and Development Partners, through the AKSARA system.
  6. Liaise between the Directorate of Environment of Bappenas with other ministries and other national institutions, provincial governments, and development partners.
  7. Support other activities based on the direction of the LCDI-2 Team Leader, and coordinate relevant with other consultants/experts and other coordinators.


  1. Green Economy Index for RPJP from Marine and Coastal area in the national and provincial are determined and incorporated into system dynamic model
  2. Report on carbon emission reduction potential from marine and coastal area in national and provincial.
  3. Construct system dynamic model from marine and coastal area in the national and provincial
  4. Regular update National and Provincial LCD report in marine and coastal sectors from key ministries and 34 provinces through the AKSARA system.
  5. Produce report and/or policy brief on climate policies, governance, technology, market from the global and national, particularly from the marine and coastal sector
  6. Quarterly activity progress report

Required Qualifications, Skills, and Competencies

  1. Minimum 10 years’ experience in marine and coastal sectors including good understanding climate-related policy and green development from marine and coastal sectors, and familiarity working with governmental agency.
  2. Understand developing system dynamic models for the marine and coastal sector
  3. Good knowledge of GHG emission mitigation measures from marine and coastal sectors including mangrove and seagrass.
  4. Able to develop policy recommendations on low carbon development from marine and coastal sectors.
  5. Experience in mobilizing potential climate funds and blue carbon financing.
  6. Experience in working with government agencies/line ministries will be an advantage.
  7. Have a minimum education of master’s degress in the field of Marine Science / Environmental Science / Environmental Engineering.

How to apply

This role is full time and the candidate will be contracted for one year with a possibility of extension.

Please send your application by sending a cover letter addressing the required qualifications, skills, and competencies, and CV as one file in English to Blue Carbon Specialist (

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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