[DevJobsIndo] RFP : action/2015: Ending poverty, inequalities and climate change

On behalf of the action/2015 Climate Summit Mobilization action/team,
Save the Children-Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik is launching a call for
proposals to support national and local level campaign and mobilization
events across our coalition. The focus will be on the upcoming
mobilizations around climate change that will take place during and
ahead of the Paris Climate Summit (COP21). By coming together at this
crucial point, our voice will be amplified, making it impossible for
leaders to ignore our call for an ambitious agreement which will be
determinant to tackle poverty, inequalities and climate change.

For more information about action/2015, please visit the action/2015 Indonesia Facebook page.

Call Purpose: To provide national and local-level
financial support to organizations and networks participating in the
action/2015 campaign mobilization efforts during and ahead of the Paris
Climate Summit (COP21), with a special focus on the marches and other
creative mobilizations around the world on 29 November 2015, to make the
voices of communities affected by climate change heard. The public
mobilization should be aligned with the global message and concept of
the Global Day of Action for COP21. Grantees are encouraged to partner
or align with other organizations and initiatives planning mobilizations
around the COP, for example with groups taking part in the Coalition
Climate 21.

We are seeking for Proposal action/2015: Ending poverty, inequalities and climate change

For more information please visit : https://indonesia.savethechildren.net/jobs/job-details/295

To apply for this round of action/2015 campaign funds, please complete the following application form and submit it to [email protected]  by 15 November 2015, 24:00 local time

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