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The Conference Board of Canada (CBoC) is currently seeking an Indonesian Financial Officer to work on the Indonesia-Canada Trade and Private Sector Assistance (TPSA) project funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) of the Government of Canada. TPSA is a five-year trade-related capacity building and trade/investment promotion project for Indonesia. The expected intermediate outcomes of the project are: (1) increased sustainable and gender-responsive trade and investment opportunities, particularly for SMEs, between Indonesia and Canada; and (2) increased use of trade and investment analysis and regulatory reform by Indonesian stakeholders for expanded trade and investment partnerships between Indonesia and Canada.


Based in the Jakarta Office of the project, the Financial Officer will be responsible for the management and administration of financial matters of TPSA activities. The Financial Officer will work closely with the TPSA project team in Jakarta and Ottawa and other long-term and short-term trade experts for the financial management of TPSA activities over the next four years.


Principal Duties

Reporting to the Canadian Financial Manager based in Ottawa, Canada, the Indonesian Financial Officer will:

·               Work with the TPSA team to manage day-to-day financial operations of the local TPSA office and activities in Indonesia.

·               Assist in development and management of all financial and administrative procedures.

·               Ensure that all financial and legal and supporting documentations are gathered, translated, noted, and submitted (scanned and emailed, then mailed in original form) to the Ottawa office and that all claims adhere to the Canadian Treasury Board Guidelines.

·               Assist in preparing and filing project registration documents.

·               Administer, audit, translate, and submit expense claims for reimbursement and submission to Canadian Financial Manager and ensure that the Conference Board guidelines are followed.

·               Assist in preparing expense requests and funds transfer prior to TPSA activities.

·               Prepare all event and travel per diem forms and ensure all original receipts are gathered, forms are signed, and final expense report is balanced and submitted within appropriate timelines.

·               Manage all expenses incurred by project staff and participants of the events/business trips (advances, per diems, final expense reports).

·               Assist in local banking, manage relationship with local bank authorities, and make cash payments as instructed/approved by the Canadian Financial Manager.

·               Communicate/correspond with local Bank on behalf of TPSA when necessary.

·               Scan and send all receipts to the Ottawa office for submission.

·               Prepare and send monthly packages of all original financial and legal records to Ottawa.

·               Prepare monthly transfer budget to ensure sufficient funds are transferred to Jakarta.

·               Maintain petty cash float:  Prepare regular cash flow budget and corresponding cash advance forms to ensure sufficient funds are available for the project operation in the field.

·               Assist all project staff in requesting cash advances and completing cash advance and expense forms, paying only when the Field Director has approved the expenditure.

·               Maintain cash advance log and include it in each Petty Cash Report.

·               Petty Cash Reports should be submitted with original receipts to Ottawa at least twice per month the final being in time to be included in month end summary. Receipts can be scanned and emailed with the original package sent to Ottawa either through courier or staff travel.

·               Prepare monthly expense report to balance cash advance and permit the transfer of future funds.

·               Manage cash advance, prepare advance forms, track expenses and payments; ensure cash is secured in the office safe. Prepare monthly cash report and future advance request, scanning receipts and sending originals by mail.

·               Manage all regular office payments – cash or bank transfer – such as Housing-Communal Services and cleaning staff, and ensure proper documentation is recorded.

·               Organize project equipment purchase, assignment, and repair payment according to pre-approved requests.

·               Working with all financial documents originals of cash and cashless expenses (preparing of the acts of the services rendered for counteragents if applicable, ensuring all documents are reviewed and signed by the Project Director, and ensuring all necessary documents are returned to the appropriate agent as necessary.)

·               Contribute to the preparation of the project workplans and reports as required.

·               Perform other tasks and assignments as required by the project.


Skills and Qualifications

·               Excellent verbal and written English and Bahasa Indonesia communication skills.

·               Diploma or degree in accounting or financial management.

·               5+ years of professional financial management experience; preferably with international development projects in Indonesia.

·               Intermediate to advanced knowledge of MS Excel and MS Word.

·               Excellent organizational skills, strong attention to detail.

·               Excellent interpersonal and communication skills in order to work with a team and manage policies and processes.



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