1. BACKGROUND is an international non-profit charitable organization based in the US. It has field or country offices in 13 countries which includes Indonesia. is focused on promoting wide access to water and sanitation services, especially toward poor households, or Base of Pyramid (BoP) households. works with partner organizations in various countries including microfinance organizations and water utilities. The purpose is to help these institutions promote water and sanitation loans or water connection financing services (in the case of water utilities) to BoP households. As of June 2023, has empowered more than 58 million people (include 4.3 million people in Indonesia) through its major programs to gain access to clean water and sanitation.

Since 2016, Indonesia has been working with water utilities (PDAMs) and wastewater utility (PD PAL) in Indonesia on implementing WaterConnect program. Currently, has established cooperation with 30 PDAMs in Java Island and 1 PDPAL in DKI Jakarta Province to offer water financing products to improve access to clean water to low-income communities. Throughout the past two years, the program has produced great results and high demand to scale the program through an “adoption” approach.

In fiscal year 2024 PERUMDA Tirta Patriot of Bekasi City (PERUMDA Tirta Patriot) will develop distribution piping network in Jatisari Water Supply System (WSS) to add around 12,500 new customers by utilizing an idle capacity of around 140 liter per second. Regarding the project, PERUMDA Tirta Patriot applied to to help them by preparing a Feasibility Study (FS) to support the project. In this case, intends to help PERUMDA Tirta Patriot to prepare the project.

2. SCOPE OF WORK intends to engage consulting firms with previous experience of working with PDAMs. Previous experience of assessing development work around water and sanitation would be an advantage. The selected consultant will be engaged to provide services on “Technical Assistance in the form of a Feasibility Study” to support PERUMDA Tirta Patriot to prepare the project. The FS at least consist of:
• Demand Study, conduct a Real Demand Survey (RDS) to answer where and how much water is needed.
• Technological Technical Studies
– Overview of Study Area
– Existing Condition of WSS (SPAM)
– Raw Water Source Studies
– Analysis and Projection of Water Demand
– Raw Water Unit
– Production Unit
– Distribution Unit
– Service Unit
– Scope of Water Supply System Development
– Raw Water Availability and Permit (SIPPA)
– Pre-Engineering Design of Pipeline Network Development Plan and Cost (for investment needs)
• Environment Studies
• Social, Cultural, and Economic Studies
• Legal and Institutional Studies
• Financial Studies
– Investment Needs and Funding Sources
– Basis for Determining Financial Assumptions
– Financial Projections
– Feasibility Analysis
• Risk and Mitigation Studies

To achieve this goal, the consultant must make a FS that reference and scope of FS design as Ministry of Public Work and Housing (MPWH) Regulation number 29/2020 or customized.
Assignment Summary
The Consultant will assist Indonesia to conduct a Feasibility Study in regard PERUMDA Tirta Patriot will develop distribution piping network in Jatisari WSS to add around 12,500 new customers by utilizing an idle capacity of around 140 liter per second.

Detailed of schedule is as follows:


4. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL aims to hire a consultant to work with Indonesia to implement the Project as described in the scope of work outlined above. The proposal should include a technical and financial proposal well as a project timeline, please refer to the timeline section for additional information. Applicants may be consulting firms with a designated team lead. Applicants, at least Team Leader and Expert, must exhibit the following qualifications:
• Understanding of TOR.
• Experts with at least 10 years of experience in the water supply system.
• Consultant Team at least consists of Team Leader, Water Supply System experts, Finance experts in the water supply sector.
• Demonstrated experience with PDAM and familiarity with the PDAM business process.
• Team Leader has experience carrying out similar FS on at least 3 projects.
• Attach Team Member experience, only experiences related preparing Feasibility Study in Water Supply System Development.
• Having knowledge and experience on mitigation and adaptation to climate change is value-added.


The budget proposal must be submitted by the Consultant, and approval of the final budget is fixed and cannot be negotiated. All budgets will be provided in IDR. Budget notes are encouraged.

Examples are provided with the attached budget template. Consultant must provide budget information in the attached format, or with any other format that specifies the details of the same. All components of the tax should be included in the budget. The Consultant will be responsible for paying all the taxes.

A sample of payment terms is by following:
• First tranche – 40% of the contract price – upon signing of the contract.
• Second tranche – 40% of the contract price – upon submission of the draft report of Feasibility Study
• Third tranche – 20% of the contact price – upon submission of the final report of Feasibility Study

Full proposals must be sent to emailed to Jaya Saputra, Partnership Accounts Manager Indonesia, at email address [email protected], copying [email protected] with “Feasibility Study in Jatisari WSS Development PERUMDA Tirta Patriot of Bekasi City” in the subject line. Proposal submission deadline is May 26, 2024, Jakarta Time Zone. Proposals will be examined in turn. Proposal must be submitted in English.

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