Capacity Development Advisor (Project: SOLUSI, duty based: Jakarta)

Project Overview

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is an international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations on behalf of the German Government. We work to shape a future worth living in over 120 countries around the world.

Indonesia is one of the 17 mega-diverse country, with 2 of the world’s 25 hotspots, among other ranks of the word’s center of flora and fauna diversity. Prior to CBD ratification, in 1993, Bappenas and KLHK introduce Biodiversity Action Plan for Indonesia, followed by several revised documents known as Indonesia Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (IBSAP) and now in the process in updating the post 2020 IBSAP. Over the past decades, integrated management on terrestrial and coastal-marine areas has been gaining attention of the Government of Indonesia, particularly in regard to Blue Economy and biodiversity management. However, on-the ground implementation is a complex and formidable task that still becomes an issue to be solved. The increasing development by the time decreasing the environmental quality. Sectoral and silo approach according to each jurisdiction may no longer be applicable. Instead, collaborative, integrated, and transformative approaches are keys to achieve sustainable development at various scales. The current national agenda, for instance, highlighted the green economy transformation and observed the nexus between climate, biodiversity, and development. The integrated management of land-and seascape in Indonesia is therefore, one of the keys to support the sustainable development.

The project “Solutions for Land-and Seascape for Indonesia (SOLUSI)” aims at developing and deploying an ecosystem approach for land and seascapes in at least three regions in Indonesia. As such, its focus lies on biodiversity conservation and ecological restoration, including efforts to strengthen the sustained provision of eco-system services, strengthen blue and green economies as pathways to sustainable development, including agroforestry, aquaculture, and the promotion of ecotourism. SOLUSI promotes enhanced climate-resilient livelihoods through public-private-people partnership (PPPCP), policies and investments and facilitates learning among partner provinces and scaling-up to others using an inter-provincial knowledge sharing platform. This project is a partnership between the Government of Germany (BMUV) and the Government of Indonesia (BAPPENAS) and will be implemented by a consortium consist of GIZ, ICRAF, SNV and Yayasan KEHATI Indonesia.

To support implementation of the project, we seek one (1) Indonesian candidate for this position. Job title in SAP: Knowledge Management Advisor.


The incumbent is responsible but not limited for:

  • Develop and implement a capacity development strategy for integrated LaS (Land-and-Seascape) management (specifically link to project output 4) in coordination with all consortium partners.
  • Coordinate the implementation of capacity support implemented by the consortium partners to all SOLUSI partners at national and the three pilot areas.
  • Update partner implementation plans to ensure that all capacity development priorities are documented, and progress tracked over time.
  • Monitor, evaluate, and report on the impact of capacity development interventions implemented by all consortium partners, exploring ways to deepen understanding of the degree to which interventions lead to enhanced integrated Land-and-Seascape Management.
  • Regularly interface with the consortium partners to ensure smooth coordination of programmatic and technical assistance
  • Support to the knowledge management and preparation of learning products on learning and innovations, together with partners and important stakeholders, and coordination with GIZ communication/knowledge management officer at Country Office Indonesia and IKI Hub for dissemination

In this context, the position holder fulfils the following tasks:


  1. Professional advisory services
  • provides direct support to partners in the areas of governance, leadership, human resources, and capacity development on Integrated LaS Management, including to national and subnational government officials, local communities of farmers and fishermen.
  • leads joint organizational development assessments and together with the consortium partners guide project counterparts in the development of prioritized institutional strengthening plans.
  • consolidates capacity development assessment results with the consortium partners as well as key stakeholders to identify and analyze organizational capacity patterns and identify new strategic directions for capacity development support at national and the three pilot areas.
  • updates partner implementation plans to ensure that all capacity development priorities are documented, and progress tracked over time.
  • regularly exchanges capacity development information, tools, and resources with the consortium partners as well as project counterparts.
  • in collaboration with the consortium partners, develops training materials and conducts dynamic organizational development trainings customized to the individual needs of project counterparts at national and pilot areas.
  • through internal processes and use of consultants, develops and field tests new and improved technical methodologies, tools and other products and services.
  • documents effective capacity development approaches, methodologies and activities for sharing as best practices for integrated LaS management.
  • conduct periodic review/mapping of the technical and organizational strengths/assets that exist among the partners so that best practices and expertise can be exchanged across pilot areas and beyond.
  • monitor, evaluate, and report on the impact of capacity development interventions.
  1. Project management: implementation, monitoring, reporting and administration
  • assists with the development annual work plans
  • monitors project progress and all activities related to capacity development component implemented by the project consortium partners, reviews reports and documents on the progress of joint programs, identifies bottlenecks and recommends alternative management options to the manager
  • keeps an organized documentation of the evidence sources and means of verification in relation to the activity progress and project outputs.
  • supports in project reporting, including but not limited to semi-annual and annual reports (to BMUV) and quarterly and annual report to Bappenas as well as compile relevant data and materials.
  • formulates terms of reference and supervises services provided by consultants.
  • supports the organization of training sessions, seminars and other events including event organization, program development, input preparation and selection of participants.
  1. Networking and cooperation
  • Lead the coordination and networking support activities related to capacity development on integrated LaS management at national and three pilot areas
  • Work closely with the Directorate of Environment Affairs of Bappenas and the consortium partners to develop processes for measuring the impact of LASSO interventions.
  • Ensure LASSO’s activities are complementary to efforts of other donors and those of other regional NGOs and public sector regional organizations.
  • Remain informed of new developments in capacity and organizational development specifically on integrated LaS management through participation in forums within GIZ, such as SRND, with IKI networks and international.
  1. Knowledge management
  • develops ready-to-use technical concepts and knowledge products, including guidelines, manuals and procedures.
  • contribute to documentation and development of new and existing capacity development methodologies and tools specifically on integrated LaS management.
  • regularly document and disseminate best practices in organizational strengthening.
  • supports the formulation of reports and presentations related to the working areas under his/her responsibilities.
  • formulates relevant information and communication tools, as requested.
  1. Other duties/additional tasks
  • performs other duties and tasks at the request of the superior.
  • shares proactively information about the project with other relevant projects and seeks synergies across activities.
  • Assist the Cluster Coordinator and Country Director on overarching issues related to the implementation of GIZ corporate strategy (eq. Vision 2028)

Job Requirements


  • University degree in Development Studies/Natural Resource Management/ Agriculture/Forest/Marine with practical experience in implementing capacity and organizational development programs.
  • Experience developing and leading innovative capacity and organizational development technical trainings.
  • Knowledge and experience in conducting capacity development assessments.

Professional experience

  • At least 5 years of experience in successful organizational development capacity development.
  • Proven skills in development organizational capacity of partners in land-and-seascape management
  • Negotiation skills that demonstrate ability to collaborate and coordinate with a range of stakeholders and complex priorities.
  • Ability to work independently, take initiative and manage a variety of activities concurrently.
  • A strong team player with excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a high profile, fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to communicate technical issues effectively and persuasively.
  • Fluency in English for day-to-day communications and excellent English writing and presentation skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to transfer knowledge through training and mentoring.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects effectively, think analytically and take initiative in solving problems.
  • Demonstrated skills in working with multinational groups and fostering collaborative relationships across multiple organizations.
  • Knowledge of monitoring and evaluation systems.
  • Ability to work under pressure of work and yet deliver effectively.

Other knowledge, additional competences

  • very good working knowledge of ICT technologies (e.g. MS Office)
  • excellent written and oral communication in Bahasa Indonesia and English
  • experience in international cooperation and/or cooperation with German organizations
  • willingness to up skill as required by the tasks to be performed –corresponding measures are agreed with management
  • strong organizational competence with good communication and coordination skills
  • ability to work in an intercultural environment

Duty Station: Jakarta

Joining Date: a.s.a.p.

Direct Supervisor:   Commission Manager of Solutions for Land-and Seascape for Indonesia (SOLUSI)

How to Apply

Please submit your motivation letter, comprehensive resume and copy of educational certificate (including training and list of references) as attachments to [email protected] by April 21st, 2024, with subject line SOLUSI – Capacity Development Advisor.

Please name your file as follow format:

[Your Complete Name]_[Motivation Letter/CV/Latest Education Certificate] (i.e: Nakula Sadewa_CV or Nakula Sadewa_Motivation Letter or Nakula Sadewa_Reference)the attachments are not more than 300 KB.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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